Tuesday, August 22, 2006

everyone needs one

a heavy decorative object, that is!
remember my post about the brass bunny i got at thrift?sherry has a very good theory about owning ornamentation with dual purpose- you must read it! she's hilarious

how do i do it? let so much time pass between postings? it's just rather crazy....
you know what it is. don't you?
i spend my computer time reading other posts and not creating my own! quit making such cute stuff, people! i have my own cuteness to post.... sort of. everything is kinda on hold right now. waiting on my labels. and now that i know they are coming, i don't want to make anything because i want to be able to put labels on my projects..... i'm vain like that. i want everything to have my cute ewe on it!
psssst. there's a new one, ya know. the entire website is about to take on a whole new look :D
i'm absolutely giddy about it! i've been doing some learning and practicing on my paintshop pro 9, and namo and other html insanity- which is another reason for my lack of posting great things, i suppose. i really wish i could give some big "launch date" or something... but well, i suck at deadlines. hey, at least i'm honest!

i've been meaning to get this done for a while...
stolen from laura's blog

for whatever reason, i found this really funny! go to google and enter your name needs in quotes, in my case "Rebecca Needs" and then list the top ten or so queries that come up on your blog. here's mine:

Rebecca needs enlightenment! (a great source of daily enlightenment)
Rebecca needs support around her eduacational goals. (ummm -no. if anything, everyone is too supportive!)
Rebecca needs a family that will provide her love and support. (now this is just crazy talk- i know you love me and the support thing again!?)
Rebecca needs just one good, meaty, dramatic role. (i'm not gonna touch this one)
Rebecca needs to get cut. (please, anesthetic first! or at least some whiskey)
Rebecca needs a French companion. (no thanks! i got myself a great American companion!)
Rebecca needs to make up her mind quickly. (now, that's just asking too much!)
Rebecca needs to go back to the drawing board. (it's a little too late now)
Rebecca needs a case study. (are you kidding me? i AM a case study!! LOL)
Rebecca needs prayer right now. (yes, yes she does.)
Rebecca needs a notebook computer to take with her to therapy. (oh Lordy, does this mean i have to take my own notes!?!)

oh man, be careful with that one... it's almost addicting!

and because no post is complete without a picture...
sherry, this one's for you:

brass candlesticks

it was mrs. devil in the hallway with a candlestick!


**Crystal** said...

haha! what a great game! I'll have to post about that - I found "crystal needs a LOT of love" "needs recharging" "needs improvement" and "needs your donations!"

Lucy said...

Hey, I agree with you. I'm so busy reading everyone's blog and wanting to make what they are making, I'm getting no where. I'll have to try that google thing.

sherry said...

Oh Rebecca, my husband just asked why I was laughing so hard. Consider yourself well-armed. I'm off to find out what I need!

Kelly said...

I do the same thing. I'm so busy looking at everyone else's blogs that I totally forget to blog. Pictures... well thats another story. Atleast you post pictures! LOL

aj said...

I did this meme after reading (er, laughing so hard I spit water all over the screen) your "needs."

Too funny!


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