Friday, August 04, 2006

please help! &computer troubles

hi! sorry for my disappearance. i'm having difficulties with picture posting.
it's really this long, crazy explaination. so i'll give you the short -
my pictures are stored on one computer, i use another. my network is down.
the picture computer does not like flickr and something is up with photobucket. so....
now ya know.

i'm pictureless. boo.

so, while i've got ya - got a question:

hubby and i have been doing a lot of talking with each other and different local business owners. i've decided to go pro. that sounds so funny. i've been developing a lot of my own patterns (sewing and crochet) - in order for me to be able to do this. while i can draw my own pattern, i can not 'draw'. so i'm having trouble with my sheep. as cute as she is, she is merely altered clipart. i could be wrong, but i can't use her, right?
so, i'm trying to decide on a new look for a new sheep.

i'd love to get as many opinions on this as possible - if you'd post a link today and ask your readers to come vote, i'd really really appreciate it!

VOTE - for my new sheep-logo

should i go with the cartoon-y feel/look - similar to what i have now?
should i go with a more realistic drawing?

with horns and a little devil tail, of course!


**Crystal** said...

If you're going to post with horns and such (which makes since bc of your name) I'd stick with a cartoony feel. And if you're worried about using the altered clipart, perhaps you can barter with a blog friend who knows Adobe Illustrator who can do a simple drawing for you (I think this would be way cool and probably NOT difficult for an artist at all). I have Illustrator but no clue how to use it or I"d help you out myself. I see so much Illustrator art on blogs I'm sure you have a blog friend that knows it...

Becky said...

Definitely stick with something cartoony! There are all kinds of artists on line that would be willing to design a logo for a reasonable fee.

Deneen said...

I hate to echo the masses, but I agree with the cartoony look.

BTW, I thought you were already pro...

CynCyn said...

i vote cartoon-y too!! I'm excited for you!

ladylinoleum said...

Congratulations on the decision! I'm with Deneen. You're a pro already.

I like the cartoon-y sheep too.

I will make it to the bookstore for you...I'm so sorry I've been dragging. I just need to get thru Uncommon Threads and I'll be okay.

Mimi said...

I also vote cartoony sheep ;) Goodluck!

Pyo said...

I'm not into the cartoony look, it's easy to mess with and it takes real talent to give it charisma, anyway, you can use a modified clippart as by modifying it you make it something else that is yours (or so I was told).
I found that sheep by the way, that I think is very nice :

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the cartoon look is adorable. Have you visited Tara at

She can draw!

Tara said...

I agree with the cartoon-y. But I'm biased, what with me always drawing cartoon-y things, lol. But I'd be happy to try and design a logo for you. I'm building a logo portfolio, so it's currently free. Email me if you want me to:


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