Tuesday, August 29, 2006


my sanity

do you ever feel like you have completely lost your mind? seriously.
sometimes i really feel like an insane person. i wonder, do i have ADD? is it insane of me to wonder that about myself? surely if i can diagnose myself with a mental disorder/ablitly (whatever is PC), then i don't have it... right? i truly wonder about ADD because i can't focus on one thing for too long, but then i wonder, that's just boredom, right? i'm just fickle. because i can pay attention to a movie for it's entire length.... but crafts, or cleaning or even a book (gasp-i know, when did this happen?!)... forget it, give me a good hour and i'm done.
i second guess myself always. always. do you know how annoying this is? why in the world can't i just make a decision?
my brain is mush. i feel like i've got on on my rubber gloves and it's in my hand, trying to be remolded. but it's oozy and slippery and is dripping to the floor.
does anyone know of a brain thickening recipe? i'm not against the prescribed kind!
and could someone please bring me a mop!?!


Kelly said...

Wow are we twins seperated at birth, or what? I always think and do the same thing. You should see the shape of my house! Ugh... I go from washing the floor, to laundry, to caring for pets, crocheting, and nothing gets completely done! I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Jewels said...

silly girl, you're not nuts, you're at a loss with all your wee ones in school and you're probably feeling a bit deserted by that, by of course you're not. And give yourself credit, BIG credit, for the tons of decisions every day, the most important kind, decisions on your whole family's days and how they go, and all the decisions of giving lots of yourself to them. You're awesome Rebecca!!

Faye said...
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Lucy said...

Oh, I know that feeling. I actually was brought to tears once cause I completely forgot how to do a french knot in cross stitch...and I've done them zillions of times. I get real discouraged cause I cannot remember numbers of any kind for even a few sections...especially phone numbers. But give me a crochet/knit patterns with numbers....and I'm a genius...go figure!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone, Rebecca! It's like multi-tasking on hyper-drive! I think it's in our genes.


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