Monday, August 07, 2006

more reconstruction

why does photobucket not like my HP?
seriously, this computer stuff makes my head want to explode! it just doesn't make sense to me. my laptop sends pictures over just fine. but my pictures are in my HP!!!!!
why?????? why??????


okay, moving on.
in sewing news
(pictures i had previously uploaded but not yet blogged)
there is a great tutorial on how to turn tshirts into gaucho pants! woohoo! how cool is that?!
so... i made a trial pair for E and then another... we decided there wasn't enough 'froof' in the leg. trip to the thrift store on 1/2 off clothing day (every monday).... paid 60 cents for this cute cute maternity shirt:

a few cuts and seams later:

gaucho's with froof:
after with attitude

i've been doing a bit of research on gapkids, childrens place, limited too, and gymboree
to see the newest trends and what's no longer in fashion. gotta keep my kiddos cool, ya know. but, because i'm not into spending loads of cash on clothes that will be "out" next year (even though they still fit), i'm researching. i've been going through her closet and will be doing some 'updating'. it's very basic this year. it seems like adding some bohemian style embroidery, ribbon and stud accessorizing to skirt and pants will be the biggest thing i do. and the skirts that are popular - the little tiered skirts - SOOOOO easy to make! other updates will be taking sleeves off some shirts and adding different cap sleeves or poofy sleeves. oh, and legwarmers. they seem to be all over the place!
i'll post some pics of these adventures as i go.... assuming i figure out why the HP and photobucket are at odds.


Deneen said...

You have so much talent girl, so resourceful.

Becky said...

Great goucho's...they look so comfortable! By the way I got quite a kick out of the "Creative Gnat" I just may have to adopt that one it's a great name, lol.

Kristina said...

COOL. FOr the pic problem, try clearing out your cache and cookies. It may be a corrupted file is screwing things up.

You could also download FLOCK, Flicker's web browser which is actually REALLY nice.


Kelly said...

Wow I love the material! Nice work, I have so much material in my basement.

Lucy said...

Wow...those gouchos are adorable. I saw alot of people wearing them when I was on vacation!! Nice job!

Anonymous said...

I've been doing some researching myself this year. I can't believe how much they charge for toddler clothes! I'm planning to find a pair of thrift store jeans for my toddler, and doing a few little innocent "rips" to them - maybe even add my own colorful patches. Also, you might check out Angry Chicken's post on freezer-paper stenciling. Since stencils & screenprinted shirts are so In, this would be a nice way to customize some shirts (I'm planning to do this!). I'm going to be doing a post about shopping & crafting clothes for E. closer to September...

**Crystal** said...

Ack! I'm NOT "anonymous" I just hit "enter" instead of "Shift" (that's my comment about the jeans and stencils, Rebecca)!
note to self: no blogging with wine...


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