Thursday, November 11, 2004

a fast bunny, a fast dog, and a few degrees

okay first, a story about my youngest - he is 2 years old.
we walk out the front door and start to the suburban... my victor takes off running after one of the many free-roaming-pet store-rabbits in the neighborhood. now, of course, mr. rabbit does not want to be caught by my victor and wisely hides deep inside a bush next door. shoulders drooping and head hanging, he walks to the 'burban. his sad little eyes look up at me and he says "dat bunny fast, mama"
holding back my laughter i say "yeah, did he ran away?" in that wonderful understanding sympathetic voice mommies have. his reply, matter of factly "nope. he go hop-hop-hop"

and now the fast dog: occasionally i will let me dogs go with me to pick up the older 2 from school. the came along today, passers by gawking at the great dane in the passenger seat. when we pulled in the driveway, the dogs bolted out and to the front door... then josh (the dane) sees a squirrel and takes off! okay, if you have a dog that runs when not on a leash, you know my terror at this moment... he has no collar on - because he eats them. so no identification. well dummy, just call him back home, right. oh no, because you see, i don't do anything the easy way.... my puppy is deaf. he's just loping along with no fear and no idea of what is around him. it took a good 20 minutes to get him back in the car! STRESS!!!

and the other thing:
the weather guy on the radio says "tomorrow we're going to feel the winter chill much more than today. forecast shows we'll be dipping down 24degrees. and that's your future forecast, i'm brian james... it's 2:42 at 20 degrees." hmmmm, think he should've had more coffee? he he he he

as for crochet, i finished a baby blanket last night and started a new one today. i'll post pictures in a bit, time for dinner with the family :)


Marvie said...

Oh too funny about the weather guesser, I mean man *g* yeah it sounds like he needed more coffee!

Aren't kids just the greatest? I miss those really cute days =)

I had a thought as I read about your pup. We had a deaf dalmation in AZ and had the exact same fears about her not being able to hear us. Mom's solution was to get one of those remote control shock collars (don't think torture, it's not I promise) set at it's lowest setting it was safe for my then 2 yr old to put his hand on and shock himself, really not more than you get from sticking a 9V battery to your tongue. Anyway, the collar was used ONLY to call her home, it took some working with her but in a few weeks she learned that when her collar buzzed her she would look up for one of us, and if she couldn't see us she'd head for the house. I personally used it once to stop her from running into the path of a car, collar buzzed, feet skidded to a stop, head swiveled and I was able to prevent disaster.

Now, since your pup has an appetite for collars, this may or may not work out for you, but it is something to consider. It's worth the investment, if it saves your dog once it's paid for itself I think. The collars come with different ranges, when we moved to a much larger property Mom got one that worked over a couple of miles, and the dog was able to roam the property at will. (I think the way she got her to start responding and returning home was by giving her a special treat when she came home, something she didn't get all the time)

Anyway, something to consider. =)

ThreeOliveMartini said...

oh yeah .. great danes.. like small deer when they take off running.. LOL.. mine is a squirrel "hunter" too.. i have been dragged down many times with him on the other end of the leash while i was trying to take a nice walk .. the shock collar seems like a reasonable idea.. or i have a friend that taught his dog sign language.. no joke..

Pridemom said...

That is too funny about your dog. Danes are amazing looking dogs.

Can I get one of those shock colors for my 3 year old? She thinks it's fun to run off when someone calls her. *sigh* the joys of young children.

Anonymous said...

Victor is just too cute!!!
Do you have Josh microchipped? If not, it might be a good idea. If he does manage to wander off w/out a collar it could help get him back home.


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