Friday, November 05, 2004

i love my man

just in time:

he knew i was having a bad day.

aren't they just beautiful!?!
what a wonderful man he is. i'm feelin' all gushy.

okay, crochet stuff:
well, i have 2 baby blankies to start and finish in just 2 weeks. plus, get my Christmas stuff busy!!! i'm feeling stressed. i can do it. i can do it.... if i keep repeating this, i'll believe it, right?

okay, that's all for now, because there is much work to be done around the house before i can sit on my rear and crochet!!! off i go, rag in hand.


Lady Wyntir said...

when there is so much to do, crochet often gets placed on the backburner!

just keep up that vitamin C and you should be fine! ^____^

i wish i had time for crocheted gifts... but i have finals that week.

You can do it, don't give up!

Tracy said...

Hey.. can't find your email. :) If you're still interested in the grape oil bottles email me at

Perty flowers! thats so sweet.
Christmas is creeping up so fast. Good luck! You can do it

(sorry if this comes up twice... having connection problems)


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