Tuesday, November 02, 2004


welcome, winter! now don't get me wrong, i'd much rather it be 105 degrees outside than see all this white stuff, but, with my new found skill of crochet - i'm fairly excited at the chill, oh the scarves and hats i will make!! we are in for one heck of a winter this year. our summer was SO mild.. i think it only reached 100 or more 3/4 times - if that. where we normally have several full weeks of it. anyhow, thought i would show you all what we had to deal with this morning... gotta love 4X4 wheel drive! an almost necessity on your vehicle around her. spring is wet and warm, summers are hot and dry, fall is cool and windy, winters are cold and icy. ahhhh Texas, truly nothing better.


Tiffany said...

Look at the snow! I've driven through Amarillo in the winter many times on treks to Colorado and Montana. It is beautiful. :)

Jennifa said...

I love that picture! Great shot. Yes, winter is great for crochet...I enjoy it all year long, but it's somehow different when it's cold outside.

Jayme said...

LOVE the snow! I miss it so much, especially around Christmas time.
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