Wednesday, November 17, 2004

follow-ups, updates, and a picture

about my deaf dane:
thank you all so much for the ideas and thoughts of my pup. he is precious to our family. he DOES know sign language - but he has to be looking at you to follow commands - which poses a problem when he's 'stretching his legs' around the neighborhood! eeek!!
as for the shock collar - we thought about it, debated it, and decided against it - mainly because of my boys. i'm terrified to think of what enjoyment they might get out of the collar (on the dogs, their sister, the cat, each other... the thought is troubling - he he he). we have found some vibrating collars - that are VERY pricey. as running off has never been a problem, we decided against getting one. i know now, not to take him without his leash... just can't trust the pup as much as the aussie that is an adult and very very well behaved. if he decides to run again, the vibrating collar will be our next step.
now.... investing in a shock collar for my 2 & 3 yr old sons..... hmmmmmm
he he he he he
oh, and no, he is not microchipped but has an appointment for one in january.

well, i have updated the Color of Love yarn swap page. which i am all too proud of myself for accomplishing! i'm trying to do some other changes to the 'home' page as well... just taking more time. i have volunteered myself for a few too many things this past week and am spending TONS of time working on those projects - to which i have 1 more thing to go and get them off in the mail. then it is back to Christmas items and a baby blanket that was supposed to be finished by tomorrow - NOT gonna happen. although, i don't think the shower will be for another 2 weeks.... i can hope. speaking of showers and blankets, here is a picture of the blankie i completed for the boy that was born- baby benjamin ---- oh my he is CUTE!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful looking blanket! Gotta laugh at the shock collar for your boys! HAHAHA!

What is the "Color of Love" yarn swap? Sounds like something I might be interested in - once we get past the Holidays that is. LOL.

Crochet Crafts

stefani said...

Pretty blanket. I like that color of blue. I am sorry if you posted but what stitch is that?


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