Thursday, February 17, 2005

rose colored glasses

yes. he is always that wonderful. and have i mentioned that he's gorgeous too?!
here he is. my man, on his way to work last week.

he is the love of my life, my soul mate, the reason i breathe... (i'll spare you from any further mush)

on the fiber front:
i am SOO far behind in posting! eeek

look at these gorgeous pink bookmarks i received in the mail, from my friend Jayme. they are fabulous!! currently the reside on top of my jewely stand because i don't want to tuck them away between pages!

i was tagged the other day and still haven't gotten to it. but it is on my 'to do' list.

oh, gotta tell you about the microwave:

yesterday afternoon. my 2 year old decides he is hungry and gets a left-over Arby's roast beef sandwhich. happily munching away and playing. he put it down and one of the dogs ate it. now the boy is not so happy and wailing. my 3 year old suddenly develops compassion and decides to fix his brother another. so he gets one out of the refrigerator and puts it in the microwave to warm it up. pushes the 'popcorn' button... and then starts screaming "mama mama, it's all fired up!" huh? then he starts talking and all i hear is "cooking burger" and i immediately know what he is talking about.... so i take off running... i round the corner to see my 5 year old daughter with her hands on her cheeks and mouth wide open and eyes HUGE - think "Home Alone". i came through the backdoor of the kitchen, the microwave is on this wall, so i don't see what's happening inside, just the bright neon orange glow cast on my daughter's face. i open the door to stop it and smoke rolls out, filling the kitchen with the horrible stench of burned foil burger wrapper and bun. i mean this thing was toasted!! hungry??

that's it so far today. my alotted time is over. although i have much much more to post. maybe tonight. maybe.


Hunny said...

That is to funny! But it was nice of your son to try to help!!

Lulu said...

Very handsome hubby you got there..
Too funny!!! poor baby was only trying to help.....:-)

Jennifa said...

Yum, that looks SO appetizing. The visuals you gave of your daughter in this entry were pretty entertaining, lol

Your hubby made the internet "awww" the other day...good job! And he's cute, too! You're good at man hunting, I think that I should have some of my friends take lessons from you, or their men should take lessons from your romantic hubby, LOL

Lulu said...

i cant find your email anywhere..
here is mine,

Karla said...

Well, no wonder you're behind in posting....after a post like that from your hubby on Valentine's Day???? Man, I just melted! It was so sweet! I must let my DH read it... :)

Thank you for the laughter you gave me visualizing your microwave fiasco. How sweet of your son, how funny of them both-their reactions and screams, and I could just imagine how "Home Alone" the moment felt! [lol] I was sitting here at the computer at 3:45 in the morning laughing out loud, afraid I'd wake the baby, but I couldn't help it! Thank you!

Now let DH alone and get back to updating your blog! ;-)


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