Wednesday, February 02, 2005

what did YOU do last weekend?


noricum said...

Nothing worth jumping up and getting excited about... why? ;)

Marvie said...

Other than taking hubby to the hospital to have his cyst cleaned out and repacked... nada whole lot... crocheted, napped, played some spades, drank some wine,,,crocheted napped, crocheted, spun a bit ;)

Maryellen said...

I lead an extremly exciting life. I'm the envy of all the fiber bloggers. i went to my newly four year olds birthday party where I got cake. I really like cake.

Rosesandtea said...

I didn't go to a party this weekend - I *hosted* a party this weekend. Four young girls and one mother came over for my now-12 y.o. dd's birthday party. Pretty laid back, though, they watched Garfield and then ate. The other mom came up with "Chinese charades" for the kids to do afterwards.
So Saturday was house-cleaning and party hosting.

Sunday - I can't even remember now. Oh wait. I was up most of the night with dd (stomach problems/anxiety due to bad dream) and then DH took her to the dr at 4:30 am as we thought she might have real problems like appendicitis (pains disappeared when we got her ready to go though). She is fine, and slowly getting over the bad dream. The rest of Sunday is a bit hazy due to lack of sleep (although we slept in in the morning).


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