Sunday, February 06, 2005


what a proud mommy am i! take a look at this:

this is my 7 year old using a nifty knitter to make a hat for his teacher's new baby. she has been on maternity leave since a few days before Christmas break and will be returning tomorrow. my heart just glowed as my son and i were sitting on the couch working side by side.... and he say's "oh man, i missed a peg, i'm gonna have to frog this whole row!" ahhhhh the joys of motherhood :)

but alas... my boy is still a boy and the justice league and gameboy won his attention for his free time today... the hat sits, unfinished. but i am determined not to let him follow his mom and go from one project to the next without finishing any of them. so much so, to prove that to him today... i finished up a baby blanket that has been lying around for a LONG time...... more on that tomorrow, i also completed a little pouchy thing for him to put his baby teeth in for the toothfairy (he lost a tooth the other day... again, more tomorrow - i'm against the clock tonight). i also added another entire skein to my sister's Christmas present (yes, this PAST Christmas *sigh*) this blanket is driving me nuts... i'll post a pic tomorrow. i miss guessed the length of a beginning chain i would need and didn't realize it until i was several feet into it. decided to press on and that it would just be bigger than i had planned. wrong decision. this thing is HUGE! hubby also finished up a soldier's hat that i had started on a larger sized nifty knitter. seems like a productive weekend :).

oh, the time thing. my weight control person at the center told me to start going to bed 1 hour earlier than i normally do. i'm gonna try to mind for as long as i can. with that, i leave you, because i only have 12 minutes left!!


Lady Wyntir said...

YAY!!! Not only is he wearing a cool Spider-Man shirt, he's also knitting!

That's just too cool. hee hee hee. Maybe you can find a spider-man pattern that would catch his attention. Or have him look at this:

(it may be a little too far back for him to remember, but if he's into Final Fantasy - original NES style - he may remember)

Final Fantasy ScarfWhat a proud mommy you must be!

Congrats on the piercing as well! ^_^

~lady wyntir

withahook said...

I feel the same when I see my sister crocheting over the webcam. Good for you!!! And good for him, too!

Jewels said...

No kidding you must be a proud mom sitting by your son doing the big spool knitting. I absolutely am tickled every time I see a kid getting involved in something like this...I remember being fascinated by spool knitting when I was a kid, and sewing through those holes they would punch out around a picture. Was a feeling of accomplishment then and hasn't stopped yet!!

ada said...

Oh that looks great. You can sure be a proud mommy.

Cowladycc39 said...

Thanks For the butterfly link. I just bought myself the knifty knitter set got them last week made two hats. Is there a way to make a sweater using them? I think that is so neat your son making a hat for his new brother or sister pretty cool. Thanks again rhonda


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