Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WIP wednesday

i updated my picture again to show off my new piercing.... but it's just too small to see.
i know there are other things i'm supposed to be posting about, but today is:

Grayson's Baby blanket 75% done
Hubby's Chenille blanket - about 10 inches wide
Mr Speckles has a head, body and both arms
my sisters HUGE red (was to be throw - has become bed covering) has YET ANOTHER skein completely on it... more to go
knitted soldier's hat is finished and mailed to julie for anysoldier
nannie's cross sits with just one round to go --- don't know why i can't get into this

the prayer pot is complete

Katey's baby blanket is finished! thank you mitzi for sending the final skein i could not get at the stores anymore!!

this is all i can remember right now... i may go in and do some editing and updating to this post later. depending on if i have time. my youngest is not feeling well and is wanting to be held a lot this morning. we'll see how the day goes


Hunny said...

I like the new picture. And the blanket is great. I love those colors together.

Agnes said...

Hi there,
This is my first time visiting your blog ... really nice! I saw the pic of the prayer pot ... I must say I've never seen it before. But it looks like what we have in an chinese temple.

Lynlee said...

TAG!!! You're IT!!!

Check out my blog for details...

Have a great day!

Jayme said...

I love the baby blanket...the colors you used are beautiful together.
By the way, I can totally tell a difference in weightloss with your new picture- keep up the great work! :-)

Chelle =^.^= said...

I came here to tag you too! I see Lynlee also tagged you - so you've been tagged twice! LOL

Rebecca said...

Wow, i'm loving the new pic!! You skinny girl! the black & white is soooo classic, love it!

Donna said...

I love your prayer pot and the blanket is great. I'm a fan of black-and-white, but I miss your nice smile in your very first, original pic!


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