Thursday, February 03, 2005

what did I do last week end?

my sissy that lives in (well, near) San Antonio came up for a few days. because of different issues, she was not able to make it up for thanksgiving or Christmas... SOOO, on Friday night, my sister's and our hubbies (and SO) and a few friends went out. i got a sitter WOOOHOOO! we went bowling! i know, i know, we really whooped it up big!

check this out:

yes, i'm all proud! that is the only time during the night that i got all the pins down during 1 turn!! yeah, i pretty much suck at bowling. i think my highest score was a 68!
but, the fashion - ck out these shoes (and my dorky bil's feet)

we left the bowling alley just after midnight and decided to visit a friend of all of ours that owns a tatoo parlor..... i know what you're thinking!
wait for it.....

no. i didn't get a tatoo (i already have 2), and neither did anyone else. BUT, i did get PIERCED!

although it looks like i'm crying in the last picture, i wasn't :)
it hurt a bit, i'm not gonna lie. but it was not painful, if that makes sense. anyhow--- i'm pleased with it.

now, this coming weekend - TOP THAT!!

just a memory teaser.... the first one who can tell me a bit about the necklace i'm wearing --- no cheating --- gets a prize :)


Anonymous said...

You wild woman you!!!!!

The necklace...your sister gave it to you, right? How much do we need to know?? LOL! It's a stone heart I think.

Rebecca said...

holy cow!! you are right! i really wasn't expecting anyone to remember. not only, but the first one!! the only thing is.... you replied as anonymous! ???
to whom do i send a prize? you can email me:

Chelle =^.^= said...

You got your nose pierced! Way cool! I had mine done almost 2 yrs ago now and still love mine :o)

withahook said...

You are crazy!!! :o) Now you have to change your picture again. Congrats on the strike!

Marvie said...

Heheh well that's a heck of a weekend *g* Love the diamond, very classy =) Suits ya!

Don't think I can top you in wildness ;) though I am meeting my first C'viller tomorrow though for a day of shopping and fun... my first time shopping with a fellow yarnie! Woohooooo! And not one but TWO yarn shops downtown where we'll be *g*

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog so I have to post anonymously. I meant to add my name at the end though, silly me!

So since I'm such I ditz, I'd like you to randomly RAOK someone from the boards on my behalf. Would that be ok??

The phantom ;-)

Mitzi said...

Ouch! I'd be too much of a woos for that - looks good, though!

Rebecca said...

dear Phantom - i'd be glad to RAOK your prize! --- maybe yours will be name that i draw :)

NKTN said...

Just stopped by to check your graphic and link, after receiving your 'verification' email... you WILL be added to the Spinning Fans FL at the next update, and... welcome aboard and 'thanks!'
Spinning Fans FL

Anonymous said...

You lucky lucky girl I have always wanted nose pierceed ex wouldn't let me now he's not here but I have to get a job so we'll see. Looks GREAT!!!!Sutty

Lynlee said...

that looks awesome!!! i love getting pierced...

Anonymous said...

That's a really pretty piercing! I'm so afraid of pain it was torture to even get my ears pierced. I'm such a pansy haha.
- Brandy /


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