Thursday, December 08, 2005

better apart

well, ya'll i was too quick to judge. yesterday's handbag definitely looked better yesterday. i did all the seaming last night. i don't like it at all - humph! it's too floppy and the front/back sections are way too short. i do plan on lining it, so that will take care of some of the flop... but i haven't decided what to do about the too short problem yet. i'm not even close to being a good enough knitter to attempt picking up stitches and adding on......SO, i guess i could crochet a bit.... i just don't know. suggestions?
silver bag
anyone ever make clothing from caron simply soft? how does it hold up to the wear? i'm considering making a gift from this and have hesitated because i'm not sure. i've never used it before.
i crocheted this scarf for my friend, amy. it's done with LB imagine in black
amy scarf

i also knit a scarf for her daughter... but i can't find a picture of it right now. i remember taking one.... hmmmmmm odd.

just how classy am i?
red wine with beans. there ya go.


Kari said...

Red wine with beans n cornbread and chow chow (used to help my mom make that every summer), a woman after my own heart.

noricum said...

What about adding a zipper? Then stuff wouldn't fall out.

lenise said...

I used the Caron Simply Soft on the fingerless gloves I made, I like it alot. They have been through a lot and seem to be going fine. They've gotten a little fuzzy but they haven't pilled or anything yet. I plan on using it for some other projects.

Jewels said...

Wow, your knitting is really coming along great!! I've been doing some knitting - mostly scarves and small things, but want to try out cables too. Great looking purse!!

Tiffany said...

That is absolutely the perfect cold weather dinner!

If I knew I wasn't going somewhere else for dinner tonight I would absolutely be making beans and cornbread tonight... mmmm!

BlackCrow said...
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BlackCrow said...

Yum Yum.
Red wine looks good too, what was it?

ladylinoleum said...

Red wine is most versatile, is it not?

I think when you line the bag you'll like it better. It's a cute little bag! Sometimes you have to walk away from stuff you just made to appreciate it. I know I do.


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