Sunday, December 18, 2005

my new trick

looky looky what i learned :)
short-row shaping in knit.
it's the multidirectional scarf i posted about the other day.
i LOVE it! i know the colors are a bit strange, but i have an olive green coat that i'm making it for. the yarn is: elizabeth austen = andes in colorway 05 ForestMoss. soo yummy soft :)
it makes me happy :)
zero progress on anything else... yup a big fat NOTHIN'!
am i worried? nah. my kiddos are off school for the holiday so i'm planning on doing much work during the next few days. my days are usually full with my little guy, but his 3 siblings will keep him busy.
i did a bit of spinning today. filled 2 bobbins of the gwape wool and plyed them. also did a half-bobbin of some experimental spinning. i'm using, coopworth and cotton, mixing in jean threads and pieces.
jean yarn
it's fun. i'm anxious to work with it. i'm in process of a handbag from one of the interweave press mags (i don't remember which) with some other wool i spun (don't think i ever posted about it - it's red and black). i want to see this complete, and then make up my mind for sure, but for right now, i'm thinking it is going to be a good pattern for this yarn as well. we'll see. look at my baby girl. helping mommy shred the jeans.
baby girl
i'm pretty sure i'm going to make something for her with it
(ickola - do you see her two black nails? they got squished in a door at school several weeks ago. owwwieee!)


Kari said...

love the scarf even the colors are cool!

noricum said...

Way to go on the scarf! I have yet to try that trick. ;)

Owie on the nails! The mixture yarn sure looks fun!

Rebecca said...

your MD scarf is looking good girl! Isn't it fun? and a bit addictive too. lol. I'm loving your gwape wool. Can't wait to spin something that pretty.

DAWN said...

I love the scarf!! so jealous. One day. . . .

Julie said...

Oooh I love the scarf!!

ladylinoleum said...

Nice scarf trick! Short rows rock.

Look at your poor babies nails! Hope her fingers heal soon.

Karla said...

Oh, your poor baby! I just assumed she had black nail polish to go with her orange shirt and black cat applique! That had to hurt something awful to have nails turn that black! Hope those nails are feeling better!


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