Friday, December 16, 2005

damn murphy!

just saying that i was going to post a pic daily of the evil blankie invited murphy to keep it from happening, didn't it?
ya know what else? i think i'm gonna say 'forget it' anyway, i'm only about 10 inches in..... i'll just pick something up for her at a store. i just don't know what.
ya know what else? i think i'm just gonna frog that whole blanket. i've got about 20 skeins of this yarn, sooooo - i think that should be enough to make my dad a stockinette blanket with seed stitch edging for his chair. he tends to fall asleep in it and has become quite the cold-natured person (seems like that started when he got pnuemonia really bad a few years ago). not a Christmas gift - maybe father's day.
my crafty Christmas list is down to 4.
one is almost completely finished - one more good hour and it's done - my mom's
another just lacks 2 or 3 hours. - grandma jane
a filet project has gone to hell and needs some frogging of serious amounts - i'm really upset about my mistake - hours and hours of work - going to the frog pond. perhaps i'll show this tomorrow.
and lastly, a smaller project for my dear friend sherry - who is a reader so no details :)

speaking of sherry; please take a second and pop in to her blog and give her a shout of encouragement. she has joined us all in our fiber fetish and has started knitting. yay :)

these final 4 projects are all crochet. the only project i have on needles is a multidirectional scarf. it's not a gift, so it is on the backburner....
okay, i must get for now.

my kiddos got out of school at noon today for the Christmas holiday break. i'm gonna go read them a book :)


Karla said...

Hey, Rebecca! Was going to pop into Sherry's blog like you asked but didn't see a link. Maybe I missed it 'cause I really am up too late and should be in bed! But I'll scroll down through some of your other posts!

Rebecca said...

DOH! i fixed that ---- okay, so who's the biggest dork? yeah, that would be me :)


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