Wednesday, December 07, 2005


silver bag
well, that fabulous yarn decided to become a handbag! i LOVE it! although it's not completely done... i still need to sew my seams and line it - i love the look, size, shape and the yarn - great bag for my casual self :) jeans and a tee (--oooo man, i want to make one of these)
see that extra little piece of knitting? i did that! no pattern - made a Tshape of sorts and then stitched it up so that it formed corners and woohoo - made a cell-phone pocket for the inside of my purse :) yay me :) the pattern is from family circle easy knitting magazine - winter 2004/05

like the red, cabled purse next to it? i think i'm gonna give this one a go... i haven't tried cables before and this looks like a small and functional project to learn them on. dont' ya think? my knitting group meeting was last night - i had so much fun :) i met two really great ladies - viviana and lenise. i hope to be joining another group lenise is in ... for more unconventional knitting and just a good time with a younger crowd... i alsmost said 'my age', but i forget that i'm much older than i think i am. 30! yikes! does that mean i'm not 'hip' anymore? or did the 4 kids kick me out of that group long ago? LOL back to last night - lenise had actually seen my little cyberspot!! how fun is that?!? to run into someone who's actually been to your site before you've ever met!?! she has a site as well.... she is supposed to email it to me and i'll give you her link when i get it. okay, back to last night again.. the wonderful lady that keeps us meeting and gives instruction when needed, melisa, showed me the basics of cables, so i'm not too scared of them...anymore.

now, to show you i still crochet, too -
two ponchos for a friend's daughters.... 7 and 5. enough alike that they kinda match, enough different so the 7 year old doesn't feel like her sister is copying her..... at least that was my goal. what do you think?
they are both done in redheart symphony - i was going for warm and cozy and easy care.

baby, it is COLD COLD COLD here! wind chill is -13 ...brrrrrrrrr. and here, in the Texas Panhandle, the wind is ALWAYS blowing.... seriously, always. my poor little (big, giant) puppy is so cold. no, he's not outside. i don't believe in 'outdoor' dogs. family is family and they don't live in the backyard. (how many people did i just offend with that?) anyway, he's just a cold natured little bugger. he's curled up on my son's bed and i've covered him with a flannel blanket.... still, he's shivering. poor baby. elizabeth also has a dane (cuppy) and she has told me her's gets the chills, too. anyone else with a great dane? is it a dane thing?

mmmm, beans in the crockpot. beansNcornbread for dinner tonight.... mmmmmm
do you chow chow?

i've heard this is just a southern meal. yes? no? how sad. you yankees are missing out!
what do you like to make on cold winter nights? mmmm chili. that's a Texas thing - well, when it's done right, it is :) he he heee.... you know, they say there are only 2 kinds of people in this world.... Texans, and those who wish they were :) first the dog comment, and now this: oh, i'm gonna get hate mail for sure :)

stay warm


lenise said...

Oh man, I Chow Chow. We live off the same stuff, it's good weather for some beans.

It was nice to meet you lastnight. That's a crazy coincidence. Another instance that knit/crochet unites the world!

Take it easy :)

carmen said...

Two things that are always a staple - chow chow and pickled okra.

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the bag all seamed up. Kinda' wierd you talkin about cables not being that hard, I just finished my first cable project, well half finished anyway and it was a cinch, fun too! I hear ya on that COLD weather, it's white outside and frigid!! Thank God for ham & pineapple pizza and wool!

ladylinoleum said...

Rebecca! Where the heck have you been girl?

You've been knitting and crocheting up a storm I see. Very cool stuff!

Dude, or Dudette in this case, I'm from LA. Though I do like beans, cornbread and chili.

- 13 degrees???? Does not compute.

Jessi said...

ooh! Everything looks great! Such a cute pic of the doggie!!

Life's a Stitch said...

Your crochet projects are so nice, I must learn how one of these days.

On Friday we took our pup with us to run errands for half the day. She was shivering in the car so we wrapped her up in my husband's hoodie. She loved it.

Karla said...

You're making me feel like a Yankee and I'm born and bred in the South! But "Chow Chow"? Never heard of it before now. I've had cornbread, had beans, never one on top of the other, and I have NO idea what "chow chow" is! Is it a Texas thing?

My fave cold weather food would have to be Chili or a homemade vegetable soup. Grilled cheese sandiches, too!


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