Tuesday, December 13, 2005

big needles

thank you all so much for the great comments on yesterday's post. it meant a lot to me.

on to today.... i'm stealing an idea from julie

i am going to start a daily posting of progress on the evil knitted blanket for my sister-in-law.
using a pattern from Big-Needle Knit Afghans, it's being made with LB chunky USA in navy. yes, scoff if you must, 100% acrylic. i'm not about to sink money into this project. i'm already giving my time... sounds ugly, but she hates me. she's hated me for 12 years and i'm not expecting this blanket to change that. do i think she'll even give a rat's ass that i took the time to give her a hand-knit gift - no! so why do it? because i love my husband.
so here it is: (lavendar mist, pagina 52)

ummm - not exactly very big. only 12 days until Christmas. shut up! don't ya think i know that!!
yes, if i would have chosen to crochet instead of knit, i'd be halfway there.... but my wrist has really been bothering me. i've been speed-crocheting a special project and wanted to save my wrists for that.
my little mister is being great this morning ...drawing happily and loving the legos.
Sesame Street is just about to come on, so i'm gonna sit next to the boy and knit a bit.
it's cold. i wish this blankie were larger so i could cover with it while i work.


~drew emborsky~ said...

Looks great. Christmas is definitely upon us, but I bet you'll get it done!

lenise said...

Oh dear. I don't think I would have the motivation to make someone I disliked a blanket. More power to you. I used that Chunky yarn to make my beanie I wear all the time, I like it. Good luck! I'm about to get 2 weeks off and I'm going to finish my grandma's afghan. Wooo!

ps- Missed you on Monday :(

Jewels said...

Crochet is definitely faster than knitting, for me anyways. I love knitting with the chunky BIG WOOL and big needles though. I'm doing a stockinette scarf right now, I really like the fabric of stockinette stitch. Your knitting is really getting good!!

ladylinoleum said...

I'm not going to bag on your acrylic creation. I love natural fibers, but I still use acrylic too. You are very nice to knit her anything. You go girl!


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