Friday, June 30, 2006

magic yarn ball

woohoo! mine came!
i'm so happy :D
it's so PINK! i love it


fun little bucket - which was perfect... i kept my ball in it and let it roll around inside the bucket as i worked and my little goodies began to spill out:
flower brooch, anklet, yarn pin, buttons, charm, and the cutest little elephant tape measure ever!
(the first picture are the actual colors)
the yarn was cascade 220 - perfect for a sophie bag!

i have been wanting to make this pattern for a long time - i finally had the perfect excuse - i needed to knit up my ball to retrieve my prizes!! woohoo
although, the handles (i-cord) pissed me off so i decided a chocolate colored set of handles i had would be perfect. it only needed one - and the brooch is PERFECT on this bag!!!
perfect sophie
i'm so happy!
i also picked up 2 shades of chocolate fabric to line the bag and make a wallet (you didn't think i was going to let that handle yarn go to waste, did you?)!
woohoo - go me!! no pictures yet, as the wool portion of the wallet is currently in the machine being felted :D

the charm which i'm sure she made is soo cute - i love it.... very very very ME!
i'm going to be shipping it off to my jeweler for a fabulous ribbon choker and see if she can match the beautiful stones for a sassy pair of earrings! woohoo! i'm so in love with my package :D


i hope my person feels the same way about hers:
yarn ball sent


Julie said...

Very cute! I like the handle you used. And the flower looks great on the bag!

sherry said...

Rebecca, the fact that your yarn is already knit up AND felted AND beautifully finished is just, just. . .words fail me. And the peek of my yarn ball is very intriguing---is that your handspun?

Mimi said...

What a great idea - magic yarn ball! The goodies are so cute!
Your Sophie bag is lovely!

DAWN said...

I've never heard of a magic yarn ball (genius)! what a great bunch of stuff you got and I love what you did with the yarn. Nice...

erin/pinkerbell said...

I am so glad you liked it. The Sophie looks great!

jen said...

oooh you got a good partner my friend erin! looks like she gave you alot of good stuff! i made that flower pin and it's one of my favorites..we also make the one inch buttons! you are just so lucky!

Kelly said...

What a great idea, and how much fun these must have been to receive as well as think up.

Glad to see you posting regularly again!

Hugs, Kelly

Jennifer said...

What a fun magic yarn ball! I'm sure your person will love hers as well. I see a lot of goodies peeking out from the fibery goodness!

Helene said...

Your bag turned out great, good work!


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