Friday, June 09, 2006

weird kids?

are my kids weird?

so, trying to keep the kidlets happy and entertained and such during the summer break means having friends come over occasionally.

it has just been the most bizarre thing. every one of the little boys my oldest has had over (8-9 yrs old) has not wanted to 'play'. they want to watch tv, play the nintendo or computer or gameboy.... most of them have been happy with the trampoline, but that's it. no cars, cops-n-robbers, sword fights or anything.
are my kids too sheltered? do children not play 'pretend' anymore?
my son is sooo sad about this. he keeps asking why his friends are "bored". it's breaking my heart.
so, here's my fear (because i'm the mom and it's a mom's job to assume all responsibility for everything in her kids' lives *sigh):
is this my fault? am i causing my 8 (very soon to be 9 year old) to be too immature? has my rule of only 1 hour (plus sometimes a movie) in front of the tv been the cause?
i just don't know what to think of this.

i'm excited that today has finally come. hubby and i have been planning a night out for a month. and it's tonight! ian moore is going to be in town playing at a local bar type place. it's a dive really. but a niceish one. he's played there before. we go everytime. i absolutely love ian moore. if you haven't heard his music - you should. he's from austin and plays an awesome guitar. i think he is supposed to play acoustic tonight. tonight will be our 5th or 6th time to see him. i'm tellin' ya, he's great. check out his schedule... if he's coming to a town near you, GO!
anyhow, so my mom and dad are going to watch the kiddos for us. we're dropping them off after dinner and they will be staying the night. woohoo.
my little sister has a second job at Avenue. she picked me up this really fun pair of sassy jeans yesterday. i'm gonna wear 'em out tonight with some silver heeled flip flops. haven't decided on a top yet. most likely i'll go with black (cause i always do).
ya wanna know why sis has a second job? especially when her main one is as a kick-ass surgical assistant? because. she's a good wife. her hubby wants to go to cop school. sooooo, she's pulling in a little extra income to have in the bank for when he does. because the school is a full-time thing. 8 hours a day with no pay. we're all hoping he gets accepted into this coming october's academy.

okay okay, crafty: well, i really didn't do all that much yesterday. i really spent all my time working on the house and such. i guess that could be kinda crafty. kinda? painting and what-not.
oh, that purse that i thought was 'this' close to being done. nope. i'm a dork. i forgot i had a big fat ruffle to do for it. so.... that's on my needle right now. i've also got a blanket in the works with my crochet. but it's a Christmas gift for someone who peeks in every now and again, so no pictures on that until it's gifted.

i almost forgot, i promised faerycrafty i'd put of a pic of my josh:
she has a brand new dane puppy, hunter. you must go see the pics of her adorable pup!

oh, one last thing and i'll quite boring you to death.
does anyone know of a good book that will help me learn some more of this computer stuff?
what i'm wanting is to be able to do my blog on my own, without blogger--- because, well, i don't know if you've noticed, but they kinda suck. they have been down for like 2 days! i was supposed to move over to wordpress and then got all nervous about losing archives and such....
sooo, i'm looking for a book. help?


Becky said...
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Becky said...

No, your kids aren't weird. Feel sorry for his friends, who will never learn to use their imagination, or have the patience to solve a problem! And they will find friends that like to do what they do...or even better, convert their current ones to the way of play!

Sara said...

omigosh! I'm totally trying to switch to WordPress, too. Right now, my webhosting folks are the trouble. They've got 2 hours to get things straight.

noricum said...

Your kids aren't weird, it's the others that are unfortunately a bit messed up.

Josh is so cute!

Lucy said...

Any of the "...for Dummies" or the "Idiots Guide to...." are always my favorites for anything I don't know.

FaerieLady said...

No your kids aren't weird, or my kid and my sister's kids are weird too.

The American Pediatric Society recommends an hour max per day of educational television/computer time/ virtual games.

It is simply not educationally, emotionally, or physically healthy to be the way most kids today are.

Allena said...

it's not your kids that are weird! it's unfortunately the kid's who's parents don't turn off the tv and make their kids play outside or with toys. it's something i fight with all the time b/c my DH love video games so he's getting my daughter attached so i've got to constantly tell her no games it's play with your toys time. she loves to play outside though and soon we'll have our own yard for her to do just that!

CynCyn said...

it's not your kids. it's the other kids. you could maybe try taking them to a popular park? i bet the parents who take their kids to the park on a regular basis don't have nintendo/PSP zombie kids. I think your policy is a wonderful idea... the video games and TV have too much realistic/real graphic violence for kiddos... (in my opinion...)

goldi said...

No, your kids aren't wierd - they're lucky! They will grow up with working brains, unlike far too many other kids nowadays. Too much TV and video games stunts their growth on many levels.

Your Josh is a real cutie!

FaeryCrafty said...

Josh is GORGEOUS!!!! Sorry it took me so long to see this. Moving has made me crazy.


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