Friday, June 23, 2006

birth day

here is a little lamb i made.

i'm not real sure what to think of it. doesn't it look like a lamb on the day it is born? long, wobbly legs.... thin little body. what do you think of it?

detail of the fabric:
oh, and there is one little spot that isn't all that great. vintage fabric + tight stuffing did not work too well in this spot where 4 pieces joined:
i had to do some hand-stitching to give it more strength in this spot and then that started to separate, so... some ugly stitching that is holding. i also added some frayck to help in the unraveling..... let's hope.
oh, and i don't have a chocolate colored pearl cotton right now - which is why little lamb has no face. she will soon.
this is by far the most bizarre pattern i have ever followed. all these different pieces that, in the end, i decided are completely unnecessary. each leg is made of 4 pieces! crazy! and the ears... they just aren't right. i'm guessing it is because i used cotton fabric and not that faux animal fur stuff called for. so they aren't heavy enough to hang. they poke out. which makes them look like bat ears to me.
i'm going to bust out the iron and see if that helps... maybe some detail/hand stitching will help? i'll just say she's a one-of-a-kind (because i seriously doubt i'll be making another- unless by request for cash - hey, they say everything has a price, right?)

i've been considering of an etsy shop......what do you think?


Deneen said...

He's cute-really.

Etsy shop-I would give it a try, it's only $0.10 to list each item and it doesn't hurt to try it-

Lucy said...

That's so should make a whole farm of baby animals!!

Crystal said...

I think your little lambie is very cute. I, too, have considered an etsy shop. I hear its cheap. There's a thread about people's etsy shops (what's working, what isn't) on I've also noticed that the more purposeful and focused an etsy shop is, the more successful it seems (having more than one item of a particular design/pattern but in a different fabric, for instance).

FaeryCrafty said...

I love it!!!

noricum said...

What a cute little newborn lamb!


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