Monday, June 26, 2006


i have no before and after of this, but it's pretty simple. the top of the skirt was a pair of jeans that my daughter grew too tall for. they still fit around the waist and had cute booty pockets, soooo i took some of hubby's-or maybe some of my sons' (i don't remember) jeans with holes and cut flares .
cute booty
i sewed it inside-out to leave the seams exposed for a fun frayed look. new skirt from worn-out, out-grown clothes. woohoo :D

summer dress i found this dress at thrift for my daughter for something like 60cents. the dress is well, rancid. but the fabric is rad.
hideous with great potential:
sweet dress
i took off the sleeves and ruffles... wow, that makes it sound super simple. it was actually a pain in the butt. do i at least get a pat on the back for recognizing it's inner dress? :D

do you remember grease2? remember the song reproduction? read the title of this post again... there ya go. singing it now? i just didn't want to be the only one with this stuck in their head all day long :D
yes, i am completely evil.


Samantha said...

Great job! Well done for seeing the inner beauty on the dress. Love the jeans skirt!

Lucy said...

You are pretty creative!!! Especially with the jeans!

Mimi said...

Very creative, I like both! I used to do some reconstuction when I was a teen and in need of more clothes...

julie said...

Great job, both items look fabulous!

By the way, the only song I ever think of from Grease 2 is Cool Rider. Nothing else stuck but that one sure did!! :o)

Allena said...

i'm totally doing the same to a few of my DD's jeans. and mine.... LOL love it! thanks for the link!
i love the inner dress you made it's beauiful! go you. you get major props for seeing it's potential!
and as for the song... isn't that why your blog name is ewe devil? LOL j/k

DAWN said...

Cute skirt! love it.

Tara said...

I love the jean skirt! Great idea! Too bad I can't get my tomboy to wear a skirt, lol.

sherry said...

That skirt is WAY cute and clever! But Wowee Kazowee Woman! Just how much time did you spend with your seam ripper to reclaim the adorable dress? I bow down to your superior patience!

noricum said...

Awesome job on both!


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