Tuesday, June 20, 2006

cleaning up and out

finish or frog has been my motto for the last several days. i've desperately needed it. just too much going on. too much clogging my mind.
have you ever reached a point of having so much that needs to be done, you do nothing?
that's where i've been for a while. i mean, i've kinda done things, but only things that can be absolutely completed in an evening or 2. i just haven't had the mental energy to take on all of my "to do's". but i finally decided this is counter-productive and started frogging what isn't finished that i look at and am either unhappy with or have "work" to do on it that i don't think i'll ever do.

these 2 items have met their end, by way of the frog pond.
multi directional scarf
multi directional scarf
i like it and all..... and i had great fun and learned a bit while making it... but i just don't think it is something i will ever truly wear. besides, won't this yarn make a beautiful sophie!?!

poor kate. there is just something not right about this doll. the pattern is great - i just did something wrong, somewhere. i love it and will attempt it again at another time. but i just know myself and know that going through and trying to find my mistake would be "work" and i won't do it. i'm much better off frogging and starting fresh.

i have such massive amounts of fabric and yarn! i'm really wanting to try and use what i've got. i know there is an official group for this out in blogland somewhere. i haven't joined, just blatantly plagairizing a really good idea.
seriously, it's just plain silly that i have all this excess lying around. ya know those really big rubbermaid tubs for storage? ya know the ones even bigger? yeah, those. i have 5 of just fabric and 4 of yarn. ya'll, that's just crazy. and i'm not going to even tell you about the unspun fiber. well, i LIKE having a big stash of this. i like being able to choose to spin what suits my mood. the same goes for projects.... but really, a smaller stash would fill this need just fine.


Deneen said...

I just did a stash clean up-cones of chenilles (too many), a bunch of acrylics I will never use, etc. Sold em all cheap on eBay-just happy to get em out. I'm not replacing them either-using what I have or not hooking-seriously. Although if some cotton, cotton blends, wool came my way or jumped in front of me in a store, I would buy em, but not feel guilty.

Lucy said...

It'so strange how everyone seems to be in the same place you are with projects...sorta at a "stop sign" waiting to see which way to turn.

Yarn Coffee said...

Hi Rebecca, it's nice to meet you. Thank you for you comment on my doggy post.

I enjoyed reading your site today!



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