Wednesday, July 05, 2006

good times

i hope you all had as much fun on your 4th of July holiday as we did!
there was:
E, working on a plastic canvas needlepoint picture. and i cast on and finished the bottom of another sophie, this one is turqoise, for my dtr.
friendly game of checkers between Pop (my dad) and J
somehow, i managed to not get pictures of anyone eating, or even the lovely decorated table... hmmm. guess i was too busy stuffing my face ;-P
there were hotdogs, burgers, hotlinks, baked beans and all the fixins'. and then, oh yes, homemade ice cream mmmmm, and my favorite flavor - peanut butter!
confetti poppers
actual fireworks are banned within city limits, so aunt chelle brought kid-friendly confetti poppers :D
more gaming
what is a summer get-together without croquet? dead last. that was me.
they were loud and sparkly. this was the first year that i didn't have a kidlet terrified! it was fun to watch and not have to console a crying little one :D
because of my baddass 4X4 suburban, we had front row seating! after the show and there were literally, thousands of vehicles trying to get home, hubby threw it back into 4wheel drive and went "the back way" bouncity-bounce, up some questionable hills and we drove somewhat sideways on a pretty steep incline there for a while. my poor mom. she just knew we were gonna flip. shhhh, i think my dad had more fun than willing to admit :D
(didn't i do good on this photo? wooo- go me!)

the only thing missing was sissy and sherry

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