Wednesday, July 26, 2006

thrifty goodness

so with all the re-decorating going on in the house, i've been out shopping. hitting up all the different thrift stores, garage sales and alleys in town. thought i'd show you all some things i've found. not all at once. just starting it today, is all.

cute cute brass? bunny - this sucker is heavy! she sits in the window seal in my kitchen. about 4"tall X 4"nose to tail and 3"wide. 57cents - is that a deal, or what!?!

fun, little copper rooster pan type thingy. although, i'm pretty sure this one is made for decoration and not actual use. 27cents. it's on the side of a cabinet in my kitchen. what is it about roosters that makes them so charming? i love them.
vanity stool
isn't this a cute little stool? i saw this on someone's porch and stopped to see if they'd sell it. yay! so, for $7, my daughter has a cutie tootie chair for her vanity
i've still made no decisions on decoration style/color for my craft room. i'm over-thinking it. i needs to somehow tie in with the kitchen, which has not been decided yet. oh, what a pain in the booty.

i'll be going to the fabric store soon with my decorator -yes, i'm that pathetic. i can't do it on my own - ya know, this is one of those things -- you've either got it, or you don't. i don't. i'm about as crafty as it gets, but i couldn't place a lamp in the right place to save my life-or anyone else's. so if there's a looney with a red button out there and a room in desperation, let's all hope he finds nate and not me. pam (the decorator) is going to help me pick fabrics for the sofa slipcover. i'm working on a 'pattern' for that right now. i've got 2 cushions down. perfect fit. like a glove, i tell ya :D

work in progress



Mimi said...

Great finds! I like the bunny ;)

sherry said...

I like the bunny too, not just because it's a bunny, but because I like having heavy decorative objects in the house. Just one of my eccentricities--I like to think that if I were ever in the house with a burglar or other intruder I would be clear minded enough to give them a good WHACK with a heavy decorative object. (Everyone who's ever said "boo" to me when I wasn't expecting it knows I would never be that clear minded. I'm much more of the screaming funny noises sort of person.)

Lenise said...

You can never go wrong with garage sales. Especially estate sales. I even got Chance hooked on them. Anyway I love what you bought. Hope you are enjoying the drizzle of rain today.


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