Friday, July 28, 2006


bastards! someone made all these fake email accounts using my .com address!
i'm pissed!!

if you have come here to check out the site that sent the bizarre email - it wasn't me!!
really, i'm a nice person (stop snickering!) i had nothing to do with it.

how weird is it that someone can just make up these addresses and have them actually send emails? who does that kind of thing? how can someone get off on that? what is the purpose?

grrr. there are no words for how mad i am over this! grrrr- fuckers!

ETA: i did call my hosting company last night and they 'put a stop to it'....
although it didn't stop all the emails from all these ticked off people bouncing back to my inbox.


Kristina said...

I don't know if you remember me but I used to be on crochetville a lot and I had a blog at Anyway, tell your hosting company so that they do not cancel/suspend yuour account for illegal behavior...

DAWN said...

Good tip, Kristina. It never fails to amaze me how twisted and smucky some people can be. I stand with you in your outrage (if that helps any).

sherry said...

I had that happen when I first got internet access. I started getting a deluge of odd notes saying "Stop sending me e-mail!" Huh? I don't know you,I'm not sending you e-mail. Totally bogus. Hope it goes away quickly for you.


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