Thursday, July 06, 2006

ummmm, i'm telling

ummmm, i'm telling
okay, moms, tell the truth: sometimes, when you hear that, don't you want to hide? it's never ever because they are coming to tell something fabulous a sibling did.

this morning, i heard one of the funniest things ever coming from the living room:
Crash! and then, the sound of parts rolling around... i could tell it wasn't good by the immediate silence that followed. then X says to his younger brother "you'd better go tell on yourself"

so funny. i almost had a hard time putting on the "what'd you do?" face when he showed up in the doorway of my craftroom.

turns out, he just dropped the mouse and the batteries fell out. no biggee... but the siblings were all scared for him, you could see it in their eyes. which brings me to something else....
why? what exactly did they think i was going to do to him had it been broken? one of them did something odd the other day, too. we were at a store and someone was misbehaving (don't remember which-although i'm pretty sure it was X) so i reached over to grab an arm to pull him close to me, and the child flinched and covered like i was going to just beat the life out of him. wtf? yes, they've had spankings (on their little booties), but i've never reached out and knock 'em around. anyway, that was something that really bothered me and has been on my mind. (please, do not start the debate that spanking is hitting - wasn't my point)

and speaking of getting into trouble....take a look at this guy:


he knows he's not allowed on the trampoline, and yet he does it anyway!! grrrr

okay, fiber fun :D
tonight i have a martini party to go to, soooo.... a little something i made for the hostess.



she is a quilter, so i thought a really deep pincushion would be a ideal.
it is actually a tealight candle holder.... i glued a layer of wool to the inside and then needle felted the big bulb to that. not at all an original idea - i totally stole it from little birds - the one she made is beautiful! check it out

i've never had a martini before... i'm an amaretto kinda gal. are they good?


Deneen said...

My daughter does the same thing, I ask her to stop doing something, I turn to her and she cowers and covers her face-I've never slapped or hit her! I get annoyed with that also.

BeccaU said...

I love the pincushion in a tea-light holder! Now I'll be keeping my eyes open for one to make my own!

Donna S. said...

LOL Aren't kids a hoot. Gotta love it. I'm an amaretto girl too....yuck on martinis. What did you think?

Karla said...

Love the pincushion!

But I had to comment on the children theme...I know what you're talking about! My children hesitate to tell me when something broke or they did something that they knew they shouldn't have and it resulted in chaos... or something broke! And like you, the silence after the crash is deafening. You know something's up! And then you discover it's nothing and you're asking yourself, what were they so afraid of?

You had me chuckling at the vision of your child shrinking back and arms up as if you were going to beat him...what HAVE you been doing to your children???? (ha ha)

The comments they make amongst themselves truly can get you chuckling. Usually at the most inopportune when you're supposed to be punishing them for what they said! Reminds me of a scene my husband witnessed of my 4 year old daughter. Seems her older sister was wanting something and she didn't want to give it to her. Finally she just threw it across the floor and said "Fine! Just take the damn thing!" Hubby was shocked but of course the humor of it all got to him and he could barely give his daughter the reprimand she deserved. I believe he told me that he just quickly turned around and left the room to go laugh unseen. All I could think: "Have I done that before? Is she mimicking my behavior sometime somewhere....????" Oh my...

DAWN said...

That pin cushion is awesome! what a great gift. There are so many different kinds of Martinis that I'm sure you'll find one with Amaretto. I like Teqini's (martini made with tequilla, lemonade, and pomigranite juice,mmmm).

Tara said...

What's with these kids? My oldest does the same thing, getting the 'Please don't hit me' look. My youngest doesn't care, though, lol.

crystal said...

Um, LOVE the tealight pincushion thing (even if inspired by another artist). I love that wood; very pretty.

Personally not a martini fan but give me a cosmopolitan any day!!!

As for the "please don't beat me, mommy" looks - mine is only a toddler but when she was just over a year old she used to do this scream-like-I-beat-her thing. It was embarrassing how she'd go on and on...

Janjan said...

The pin cushion is very cute!


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