Tuesday, July 18, 2006


well, i did it again. joined another blog group:

sew i knit

every 6 weeks we are given a new 'subject' to sew. last was bags.. i missed that one. boohoo.now is tops. so i am making this for my daughter.

summer top

i'll be using the peach fabric under the pattern. i also was thinking of making one with this fabric:

lime green

i have SOOOO much fabric. i really need to start doing something with it other than itty bitty stuffies. so i thought this might give me just the push i needed.

i have 2 sewing machines and a serger. the singer was my grandmothers. and the babylock was a gift to me from my parents. i love them both. right now, i keep having problems with the tension on the singer. so i am using my babylock. i need to get the singer to the shop. but it's going to have to wait for another day. i've got so much going on with fixing up and buying new things for the new decoration style of the house, i haven't pennies to spare.. at least not while the other machine is still working. sooooo, you'll soon start to see more of my many sewing adventures here as well. a girl can never have too many crafts. too many going at one time, yes. but the ability, no. and so far... i've yet to be able to control my startitus. i'm really trying, though. and to prove that - check this out:

do you remember this purse?

valentine bag

i think i crocheted this around valentine's day 2005. finally, i've sewn a lining for it. woohoo for me. now, i haven't sewn it in.... but it at least exists now :D
more of these finish or frog items to come :D

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Lenise said...

I have a crocheting pattern that I need you to critique.


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