Saturday, January 22, 2005

can a woman resist beads?

after several days of making beaded stitch markers, and then reading donna's blog, and being still further inspired by the book i have been reading:

i couldn't help myself. i picked up a huge ball of sz 10 white thread, given to me by the wonderful kelly, and loaded it with a hundred or so silver beads. i knotted each bead on individually from 3-5 inches apart. thick/thin spun some yummy scarlet wool and then plyed it with my bead-laden thread. i think it looks great! YAY, me! you can definately tell i'm a beginning plyer (it is patheticly uneven), but i'm still super pleased with myself!

the color in this photo is a bit off... the yarn is a much deeper red.

not sure what is to become of this yarn.... i'm thinking a cell phone cozy for my sister... or maybe a change pouch. something for her, though, that's for sure... red is her favorite color and i think she will enjoy the beads.

wonder if this will full well??? what do you think?

(a few days behind in posting from my soapbox)
sorry, but i've gotta get political for a sec:
for those who decided to protest on inauguration day and deprive our country's economy by not making purchases, gasoline or otherwise....
here's a little bird:

yup, that's an inauguration celebration purchase of 37.9 gallons of gas for my fuel-sucking 4X4 chevrolet suburban at a grand total of Sixty One Dollars and Forty Two cents!


Marvie said...

oooh Rebecca! That yarn is yummy! Very designer =) great idea with the beads too!

Hunny said...

I think the yarn looks great for your first time! You know what they say practice makes perfect!! I thought that paying 25 dollars for gas was bad!! If I had to pay 60 I would pass out!! :)

withahook said...

Oh Rebecca you made me laugh so hard I got in trouble with my sweetie who was still very sleepy. I see gas prices are about the same there as they are here. :o) They yarn you spun is beautiful, whatcha gonna make with it?

Rebecca said...

i guess you just get used to the cost. prices are a little outrageous, and with a 40 gallon tank it kinda creeps up on ya
this will last me right at 13 days ---- eeek!

Heather said...

I LOVE THE YARN! How clever of you to add in the beads! That is so neat. Good job!

Allena said...

WOW i love the yarn! so pretty!!!


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