Tuesday, January 25, 2005

needing a title

normal day today, as far as i can remember right now.
went to the gym, then went for my twice weekly weigh in. still haven't lost any more??? but i spoke with the supervisor and she sat down with me. got a new plan figured up and i'm supposed to go check in again on friday. i'm absolultely pathetic... sitting here now, i totally can not remember what we did next. i think we just went home. had lunch. mmmmm salad - gads, the pounds of salad i've eaten... then, bathed the boys, took my early trip to the school, sat there in the comfort of my suburban with 2 snoring children in the back, crocheting as fast as my fat little fingers could go for a little over an hour. i've got this mystery gift in the works for hubby and so can only work on it when he's not around. got my daughter, drove halfway across town, picked up my oldest son, then back across town the in yet another direction to get home --- to what? no good mail! i'm expecting some roving from oregon*trail*yarns. you know how it is when you're anxiously awaiting for an exciting package in the mail. seems like it takes twice the normal time of delivery *sigh*. that's not all i'm waiting for. i ordered a teddybear felting kit from living felt. i'm ready for it to arrive too *sigh* hubby took 2 of the kiddos to their tumbling class and i stayed home and goofed off with the other 2. dinner was beef tips with egg noodles, salad (yes, MORE salad) and asparagus. put the kids to bed and then spun a spindle of this really bizarre roving i've had for a while. it's acrylic pencil roving on this giant red plastic spool thing. i have no idea how much??? i filled to capacity a spool and the roving spool looks untouched. i have no idea what i am going to do with this. i was just spinning for relaxation and to practice consistency. i'm sure i'll come up with some thing for it. recap of my day. isn't it thrilling. tomorrow, i'll do it again :)
so do you feel cheated? you read all of this and absolutely none of it was thrilling or abnormal... not even a joke! you just got poked by a blog


withahook said...


Marvie said...

heheh At least you got an hour of crochet in *g*

Lori said...

*ouch* what a poke! I'm excited about my roving coming from oregon trail yarns too! they provided a tracking number though, so you should be able to tell whne it'll get to you


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