Saturday, January 08, 2005


how does a sick mommy keep her 4 children entertained and happy?

she lets them do her hair :)

today i felt well enough to put a hook in my hand and made a hat for my dear friend, sherry. notice i did not feel well enough to photograph it. another day


Lori said...

aw you have such fashion mavens for children! It was nice of you to let them do your hair. I'm glad it sounds like you're starting to feel better.

Mom said...

LMAO funny!!! I also played hairdresser when I was a kid:O) That was soooo funny! You look colourful;O)

withahook said...

Very fashionable!! :o)

DAWN said...

Hey now, your kids may be on to something... ya know, they are the future (hehe).
You are a brave mama!

Anonymous said...

love the hair do lol.
~cara~ earth mother

Heather said...

What fun! I remember doing that when I was a nanny and/or baby sat. Kids love playing with hair! What a great mom you are!

Donna said...

You look maahvelous daahling!


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