Wednesday, April 06, 2005


so i guess it's time i take this Wednesday Report seriously:
disclaimer: if you are injured during the reading of this post by falling out of your chair (or off your ball - i'm still doing it... are you?!?) due to fainting or shock, i can not be held responsible either through guilt or medical bills, as this warning has been posted.

Image hosted by
Charming in chenille for Kaylee
floral scarf for laura
home design
school design
christi's red throw
xavier's rainbow blanket
blue project
mr. speckles
goldenrod cardigan
granny belt
granny scarf
hubby stripe ghan
floral granny ghan
63 squares
entrelac baby blankie
fancy cross for nannie
tan basket
autumn purse
navy throw for sil
wine bottle bag
noah cardigan
stole turned scarf

so now you know the real reason why i never post in Show-and-Tell --- because i never finish anything.
what causes this? is it a sickness? is there anyone else out there aflicted with this disease?

okay, i count 23 crochet projects going that i can currently think of

being thoroughly depressed with this realization, i choose not to go into my knitting or spinning.

hmmm, so a picture for the day? a little bit of productivity - i DID get my "cami" yarn off the niddy noddy and have added it to my stash. now to get the "fire" of the spool and on the niddy noddy and ready for 'setting'.....


margene said...

You have more WIPs that me! I need to get a ball!

Kari said...

HEHE Girl you are as bad as me! I've stopped listing all mine cuz I NEVER have time to work on most. Someitmes I think I am the slowest crocheter in the world cuz I see all these project being shown that are done! lol

jess said...

I have the same disease! I don't even post everything in progress anymore, just what I think I might actually work on! And I have given up on listing the spinning and other things.

On spinning -- love what you spun up! Gorgeous! :)

noricum said...

Hm, yes, time to do a snowflake... you can finish one in a single evening. ;)

Jennifa said...

That's...pretty darn scary. I'm glad I don't have THAT many. (I'm sure that made you feel good, LOL)

You have taught me a very glad for my small number of WIPs.

Lisa said...

Wooohooo for Wips! lol I so understand, but I think you might have me beat! Looks like you have a cool blog, hopefully I will have more time soon to give it a better look!

Happy Early Birthday to your little man!


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