Sunday, April 03, 2005

april fools ... a little late

man oh man, where does the time go?!?
my third babe will be 4 in a few days. he is crazy for all things superman. his collection is massive and all-inclusive. what do you get the boy with everything? yes, i know it is all my fault that he already has it all... but how can i resist those baby blues? yes, 3 of my half-mexican kiddos have blue eyes and one heck of a beautiful year'round tan. back to the question: what in the world do i get this guy for a birthday present?!!

i'm still working on the thing that i can't talk about.
but also working on a design... course can't talk about that either.

so we move on to "Flash Your Stash"
although i didn't officially join the group - as i'm not near the knitter these ladies and gents are, i feel somewhat (okay, a LOT) inferior and am intimidated by their work. yes, there is a great button to go along, but as i was to chicken to join, just a link for you to see.

for those of you who wish to see beautiful yarn, and read a great letter to the significant others in our lives that just don't understand the want, desire and need we have for fiber, go here

so here it is, in all it's glorified mess, my stash:

spinning fiber/yarn combo laundry basket

spinning fiber closet


more yarn

basket of 'need to be put away stuffs

so come on, all. FLASH YOUR STASH!!


Maureen said...

Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving such kind words about my little sweater set. I love the picture sof your stash! It is similar to my own! Thanks again!

Lulu said...

i love looking at yarn stashes, makes me giddy..:-)


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