Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i didn't mean to, honest!

how does so much time pass so quickly? it's already been almost a week. no real reason why - too much blog reading.... :) seriously, i have over 100 in my blogroll. craziness i tell you. and i enjoy them too much to cut any out.
okay, so what has happened in a week? my 3 year old son, is now my 4 year old son. i just can't believe it. maybe he'll mellow out a little this year. he will be starting pre-K in august. my kiddos go to a magnet school, so the pre-K is all day, not just a few hours... oh how i feel for those teachers - mwua ha ha
hmmm what else? i had my monthly bunko group tonight... i didn't win, drats! but it's great fun to be with my friends and goof off and have strawberry shortcake. mmmmmmm i saw a thing on tv the other day where someone was making strawberry shortcake and they used a biscuit! what the heck? i've never had it any other way than poundcake.
is it a regional thing?
where are you and how do you eat strawberry shortcake?

i made another needle felted creature. my little sister asked for a monkey - so here he is. he turned out a little bigger than i had wanted... and he has a few flaws. but she will love him anyway. this is my first attempt at making a 'jointed' critter. it's tougher than i thought i'd be. he's not exactly symmetrical. but don't go lookin for his "character" i tried to take a picture where it doesn't show up :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

monkey of another kind:
are you living in spring bliss yet? finally - the sun has come out and we took full advantage last weekend. i planted some little monkey grasses in an add non-concreted space next to our driveway. looky at me in my big brim sun hat... my oldest just praying no one sees me in :)

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moving on:
because tomorrow is WIP day, i'll save my crochet stuffs til then.


Jenanne said...

I love the needle felting! Very neat-o!! You should blog about the process for those of us who've been too chicken to try as yet. :)

carmen said...

OOOOhhhhh I love your monkey!!! He's adorable - that looks hard!

Michelle said...

Hey Rebecca--
Cute!! monkey.

I live in the NE, and we eat strawberry shortcake on a biscuits. No poundcake here. MMMMM. Another month or 2 before we get any strawberries here, but I CAN"T WAIT!

noricum said...

Cute monkey! :)

stefani said...

The strawberry shortcake I can remember eating has been in the pre-made shortcake cuts. I assume that is pound cake. I think I may also have had pound cake and angel-food cake. It has been so long I cannot remember. I have never heard of it on biscuits (I grew up in the southwest) Now I think I have a craving!

The monkey looks great to me.

Love the hat! That is so cute!

Kathy said...

Grew up in NJ, biscuits all the way...one huge one with sugar added, then baked and split, filled with lightly sweetened berry slices and whipped cream...lots of whipped cream.

Rebecca said...

ok we are in oklahoma where most of the time we have it made with angel food cake. My personal recipe is for a coconut angel food cake then strawberries, a little sugar and lots of cool whip!!


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