Saturday, April 16, 2005

on trial

i love my hobbies. i truly do. they give me great pleasure. although, lately, i've been wondering: at what point does a hobby become an addiction, an obsession?
perhaps, i no longer have hobbies... maybe i've become addicted?

Exhibit A:

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seems harmless enough. a little clip light i purchased... for the times we are in the car and the sun has gone down so that i can continue my project.

Exhibit B:

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i know i have a lot of yarn, but seriously, how did this happen? ladies and gentlemen, this is not a staged photo. this is what i saw when i went to get a coffee mug out of my cabinet. should i be ashamed?

Exhibit C:

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recently, we took a road trip. my heart went pitter-pat as we passed through miles and miles and miles of cotton fields. i was truly saddened to see the little bits of fluff left behind by the tractors. such a shame to see it go to waste.

so, my jury of peers, what is the verdict?
should i be found guilty, what is my sentence, my punishment?


Anna said...

Sorry, but guilty as charged. :)

Stacey said...

LOL the yarn in the cupboard looks like something I'd do!

Marvie said...

I abstain from voting on the first part, but I offer an excuse for the yarn in the cupboard.... you said you went to get a cup... sooooo I think what happened (to put the yarn there in the first place) is that you went to get a cup (or something) and maybe your hands were full, so you set the yarn down to get the cup *G* then something distraced you annd you forgot to pick it back up again.

I can totally see that scenario happening in my house rofl.

jess said...

Ha! I think we think alike... I keep finding yarn in strange places, too, and like Marvie said, it's usually "oh I need to take the trash out" and can't carry everything so I put something down and forget about it and find it later... heheh!

We understand!

Leah said...

Guilty as charged. Confined to a year of making beautiful crocheted projects!!! If you want to put in an appeal, I require one long beautiful white cotton scarf to start the process ;)

Karen said...

I say no punishment because you have done no crime. Just keep knitting and be happy! I love your blog btw!

Deneen said...

It's the yarn in the caninet that got to me! I usually leave it in the fridge.

knit chick said...

I don't see anything wrong with the above. Isn't that just normal? ;)

Anonymous said...

Not Guilty - Just recently driving down the highway with my hubby and out of the corner of my eye I seen a sign that said something about wool, and as soon as I started to speak my husband said "No" you didn't see anything, how did he know what I was going to ask?? LOL
Michelle (micountess)

Crocheted Monkey said...

I say there's nothing wrong with you. You're normal, the rest of the non-knitting/crocheting world is out of wack.

CynCyn said...

Very creative spot to store your stash!! In the mental health field, it's only a problem if it's interfering with your functioning... so, since we're knitters/crafters, it's actually very adaptive to have yarn everywhere!!

Lulu said...

hahahha, youre too funny...
i have yarn all over also, but not in the cubbard, not yet at least..heheeee

Jingle_Lady said...

You all are funny. :) The yarn in the cupboard was funny, but Deneen - yarn in the fridge? That's hysterical. I haven't done either of those (yet) - but my stash is currently in the "general area" of where it's supposed to be. Ie - scattered around my living room. ;)

Jewels said...

Exhibit A: In now way can ewe be blamed for darkness. Blame it on the weather.
Exhibit B: Blame it on the children?
Exhibit C: Blame it on the tractors? The farmer?
[insert gavel thumping sound of the judge here.]
EWE are innocent of all charges, and they are dropped (just like stitches in a scarf)

Jeanie said...

This is too funny!!! Not too long ago, my husband and I were taking a motorcycle ride up to the Hill Country and we passed acres and acres of cotton fields. I guess this must have been my first time to see such a thing, because I just couldn't believe my eyes! I made dh pull over to the side of the busy highway so that I could actually pick up some of the cotton remnants as a souvenier of our trip. I held onto that tiny piece of cotton the entire trip and contemplated how I could start growing cotton in my own back yard when we got back home. So, I can TOTALLY relate to your excitement over seeing the cotton bale ;-)

As far as the yarn in the cupboard -- that's just priceless!

BTW, I'm new to reading blogs and have thoroughly enjoyed yours!


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