Tuesday, April 05, 2005


albeit fraternal!

how did this happen?! 2 skeins of yarn in the very same dye dish... look at the difference!

now what? here is a picture of 4 skeins of the exact same yarn, dyed the exact same way with the exact same flavors of kool-aid. now what? the project i wanted to use these for will definately require more than one skein. but i'm afraid of using these together. don't you think it will create a stripe when i switch? UGH!! so, anyone have any good ideas for single skeins of wool? i'm very disappointed in this adventure. guess i'll have to order some store-bought --humph, not what i wanted to do.

check out my new toy! how fun is this going to be!?! although, i have to say, wish it would make a little thicker cord. or at least come in different sizes.

guess that's all i'm going to post for now. i have much housework to do before the demolition of the bathroom begins. clean it before destroying it? well, i wouldn't want the builder to see it dirty, now would i?


Kathy Barber said...

I have heard that if you work from two balls (skeins) alternately, it won't be so obvious. Make one row or round of your pattern with one skein, then the next row or round with the other.


st. carrie said...

Different or not, I am totally digging the colors!

Marina said...

I love the colors.

Elizabeth said...

I think your yarn looks great! But it is disappointing if this isn't what you were looking for.

Single skien projects? Hats? Mittens? Or a project where you plan for a switch of color--I am thinking like a sunrise or sunset where the colors fade or get stronger. Does that make sense? Or you could use the yarn to do a faux fair isle thing.

Otherwise, I think Kathy has the only other idea that I can think of.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm always happy when I can amuse children!! :-)

By the way, the yarn looks great!


Kelly said...

I love your yarn, and if you aren't happy with it I'll send you my address. I also bought that toy that you had to have as well. I use a thicker yarn, and it seems to work out ok. It's tough to thread in the beginning but it makes it thicker. Thanks for posting on my site. :)

stefani said...

Pretty colors. I am sorry I don't have any advice to give. I think it would bug me too to have such different colors come out of the same batch.


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