Monday, June 06, 2005

call for mail! - please read

my wonderful readers, following is a little something that just tugged a string:
this was posted by donna on my favorite board:

"I subscribe to Crochet World, and last month in the section where you can send request (forget what it's called). There was a letter from a 92 year old woman who said she had sent many people patterns in the past from the column, and never once received a thank you or postage costs. It made me sad to think our world was like this..that someone couldn't simply write a thank you note. So, I sat down and wrote her a letter. Today, to my surprise, I received a lovely note for her saying that she has received many letters from people and it has restored her faith. I am so glad that others, like me, have hearts..when so many don't. Anyway, she also sent me a few scrubbie patterns and I will cherish them. I plan to send her another note tomorrow, but her birthday is coming up on June 25th. So, I was hoping that you lovely women would have some ideas as to what I could make for her? She crochets and knits. And I crochet, knit, cross stitch, scrapbook, bake..whatever. I just want something creative and something she will use, you know? Any ideas??.........just to tell you alittle about her (from her letter). She will be 93 in June of this year. She still drives her car, knits and crochets. Her husband passed about 12 years ago, and she loves working in the yard. She has 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren..all boys."

my idea is for as many people as possible to send this nice woman a birthday card or small gift if you feel led. just leave a comment letting me know you'd like her address - after all, it was published in a national magazine, so i feel okay about giving it to you. send her a little note. tell her about yourself, where you're from and some of your knitting/crocheting adventures!

also, if you'd like to post about her in order for some of your readers to send a birthday greeting, i think that would be so awesome!! please let me know if you do.


sister said...

how sweet of you sister. I cannot knit or crochet, so I have no patterns to send her but I hope you have tons of people that want to give to this lady in the winter of her life.


Kimberly said...

What a great idea! I asked Donna for her e-mail so she will get at least one birthday wish / hello from overseas!

Moze said...

Could you send me the address, please? My email's soferim at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Veronica said...

I would like to have her address, too. She sounds like an amazing woman! My email is veronica at ectospheno dot org. Thanks!

Lynlee said...

I love her address!

lynleeweber at

Deb said...

Rebecca! I love the idea of sending her something little for her birthday (and a hand-made card - of course!). Would you send me her address please?

How fun to bombard her with mail on her special day!

( definitelydeb @ gmail dot com )

margene said...

YOU deserve a hand written thank you note. The cute needles arrived yesterday. I recognised the 'little devil' on the front of the envelope and knew something had arrived from you! They are so much fun and I'll have a picture and a post about them soon!

Kelly said...

I would absolutely love for you to email her address to me, or PM it through Crochetville. I think that was so sweet of you to write about her story.
There is very little kindness in the world today, but I think we all could change that in small ways.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! Could I please have the address? My email is laura dot vierheilig at gmail dot com



Karla said...

I'd love her address so that I can send a birthday card in the mail to her! Her birthday is 2 days after my little girl, Jessica's!


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