Saturday, June 04, 2005

give away - for real this time :P

i totally intended on posting this yesterday, even titled my post. anyhow, i'm a dork that way.

if there is one of the pillow belts in the pictures that matches your decor and you'd like to have it... let me know. i made them with yarn/beads i had on hand and they don't really fit in anywhere in my house.... sooo. let me know and it's yours :)

completed picture of the dishcloth i knit for my mom. not at all pretty, but it works :P

another picture for you knitters... what did i do wrong?
Image hosted by
think i 'dropped a stitch' but i don't know how to fix it??? HELP?
i don't know how to frog back to a certain stitch either... guess i need to go have a "fixing" lesson


RunsWithTrowels said...

grab a crochet hook & stick it through the front of your last good stitch, snag the first loose loop and pull it through the first loop. continue up the dropped stitches until you reach the needle & have no more loose yarn strands. it looks like you should have to do it 6 times, maybe... you will (more than likely) have to knit back to the dropped stitch on the last row you knit though. good luck!

Rebecca said...

I was gonna tell you how to fix it but lanie beat me to it! I would LOVE to have the nautical pillow belt, my livingroom is all lighthouses. :)

jess said...

Lanie beat me, too! :) Looks good though :)

Cec said... is wonderful, and the CD is only $20 if you want it quicker

one of my first knit creation (a couple weeks ago) was double strand microspun and divine (what was i thinking?) and i dropped a stitch. it was garter so i had to hook a stitch from one side and then go to the other and hook the next one, but eventually got it fixed . . .

Sandysknitting said...

Look here for a tutorial and photos. this may help as well as the wonderful explanation Lanie gave. Good luck. It's easy!

Sandysknitting said...

It's customary to LEAVE the link, is it not? haha!


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