Sunday, June 05, 2005

stupid cow

so far today has been a work day... working on the yard and house. got some dishes done. pruned the ginormous rose bush in the backyard. raked up the fallen pine cones and needles. trashed the broken, weather-worn, and dog-chewed toys. stripped paint from the remodeled bathroom door. then, made lunch for the crew - mmmm mexican. with home-made tortillas. yum yum

you need to run out to your local mercado and pick up a press if you don't have one :) makes for nicely rounded and flat tortillas.

and a picture of the truck i wrecked last weekend.
stupid cow
not a scratch or bruise... still unbelievable to me

thank you all very much for the great links and tips on my knitting... i plan to spend some time in front of the computer with needles tonight. provided i get the Sea of Yarn Swap stuff done.

completed only one row on the HUGE red blanket for my sister last night during a movie. i spent most of the time with it covering my face instead of stitching on it.

Movie Review
White Noise
Michael Keaton

my thoughts: the creepy factor of this movie really worked. because of the "possibility" of it all. the background noises the sudden silence and stillnesses... putting you on the edge of your seat ready for something to jump out and then it doesn't. but then does at unexpected moments, making you jerk and squeal like a little girl.
the things that really bugged me:
this movie could have been SO much better. they could have gone into more detail on many different scenes and ideas. with the medium and the meddling. i felt like she should have shown up at least once more in the movie. i think her character could have had a lot to add. also could have elaborated more with 'Raymond' - he should have known of 'John's' EVP involvement and been more a part of it. It also was never clear what the wife was actually trying to tell him, if it was to 'leave' or go and help these people, which each instance was obviously a set up by the three evil spirits.
another thing i would have added is a quick shot of the detective starting to research and get into EVP as one of the final scenes (if not the very last) of the movie. that would have been cool and added an extra shiver of creepiness and the feel of 'continuation'....
over-all, it was good. but could have been better.

who is it that decided movies need to be an hour and a half? if it were scenes/plots that added to a movie to make it more real, a better story, more elaborated, more thought out and "complete"... i would pay more. i would much rather sit through a really good 2 - 2 1/2 long movie than an okay 1 1/2.... that just makes me feel like i've wasted time and money.

would you rather movies be longer in order to be more "complete stories"?


noricum said...

I agree... movies should be an appropriate length, so as to sufficiently develop both the plot and the characters.

sister said...

I came I saw I read every word from the last few days. I added you to my "favorites" list. This is a great way to keep up with my sissy. (Not that I don't talk to you several times a day) I really love your site!!!!!

I am a SERIOUS movie goer and sometimes critic. I like long movies, IF they make good use of the time. I am an Epic kind of girl, Gone with the Wind, and The new BBC version of Pride and Predjudice (6hrs) of Collin Firth! Ahhhh!

Kelly said...

Just seeing the commercial for that movie scared the crap out of me! I'm glad that you posted your thoughts on it, because now it definitly won't be seen. Yes I do agree that movies lately could go a little longer. The whole points of movies are ruined by cutting it in half.

Sorry about the car wreck! That must have really been scarey. I know that I swerve out of the way all the time for small animals. Sometimes it is more of a danger to us.

BTW you should not have hinted! LOL

ladylinoleum said...

Hey Rebecca, thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definitely be stopping by yours from now on. I enjoyed the movie review!


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