Tuesday, October 19, 2004

and now, tuesday - again

let's see - completed 3 rows on the multi-fluff ghan last night and did a few rounds on this awesome new Lizzy hat by Dot. not really sure what i'm going to do with it. but it is just too cool to pass up. i'm going to ask her to design a scarf to match :o) if she does... then it will be a Christmas gift for a friend. delivered the flowers to my friend. waiting to hear the winner.
back to the multi-fluff afghan - i'm not sure whether to continue with the sunny yellow/happy days stripe pattern or make the center totally happy days and then the opposite corner the stripe pattern again ???
i'll post a picture so i can get your advice in just a bit. i guess that's really it right now. gonna go play with the boys for a while- after their beds are made, of course :)

oh, also wanted to make note that although my scale at home shows i've lost 4 pounds!! wooohoo! i'm going to set the scale back to zero and update with my new stats from the metabolic research center (i cked there isn't a local website, but there is one for the same place in florida.)

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