Friday, October 29, 2004


YAY, it's friday! nothing too hectic schedule for the weekend, just cubscouts for my oldest... and house-cleaning. it's just gotten out of control. i plan to get as much done as possible today, hopefully leaving enough time to get the living room painted on sunday. today is weigh-in day. i don't feel that i did that great these past few days - i know i haven't been drinking enough water, and yesterday - without even thinking, we all had pizza for dinner - i'm really mad at myself over that one. oh well, moving on.
i still haven't been able to spin. time is just running out on me. hubby found the navy afghan i have listed as one of my top 3 - although, i don't think i told you that it was missing... weird, just vanished. anyhow, it's found again. so i will be working on that tonight. yesterday evening, i almost finished up dot's lizzy hat. almost--- typical me right, well, actually - i ran out of yarn on the very last cluster! oh well, i need more for the scarf.
just for the sake of having a picture up today, here is a purse i completed the other day, in tunisian:


Anna said...

Your purse is gorgeous!! I LOVE the color and the *fur*!! Absolutely beautiful!


Kari said...

I love the purse. Where does time go anyway... I always have so many things I have to do, things I need to do and things I want to do... Never enough time for all of them lol

Stacey said...

Okay, that's it, I'm learning tunisian. That purse is so cute! Is the pattern available online somewhere?


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