Monday, October 18, 2004


okay, well there are a few updates. on saturday, i started a program at the Metabolic Research Center, hopefully, i can get un-fat on their program. there are some optional appetite suppressants and other things that i opted for. i was really surprised at how well they truly worked for me. the first week is a special diet for "preparation" and then after the first week, i'll start some protein drinks... blah blah blah... if you're on the weightloss wagon, you know what i'm talking about *sigh*.
as for the fun stuff: i didn't spin at all this weekend- that makes me sad, but i did get some crocheting done. not a ton.. but a little. i made a black chenille hat to go with my winter coat and the new scarf and flower i received from my swap at crochetville. i'll get a picture up soon, i still have to stitch the flower to a pin. i'm totally stuck on the open fan cardigan from the interweave knits magazine. UGH! i also got 1 row done on the multi-fluff ghan for my sister. and some flowers done for the flower scarf that will be for my friend laura (mommy to the twins - the circle coat and poncho). although, i'm not too happy with the flowers. i am going to take them to her this afternoon and get her opinion of them before i make any more.
how is it that i have so much time to make such a lengthy post? there is a new Little Bear movie on noggin.... woo hooo the boys are interested. okay, well that is going to have to be it for now. laundry calls (doesn't it always?!)


Tiffany said...

My girls and I watched the Little Bear movie too. :) Good luck with the program! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also working on the open face cardigan and am stuck!!! Have you finished yours successfully? Please let me know.



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