Monday, October 04, 2004


well, i didn't end up going to taos! blah! but, i have EVERY intention of going next year. i had already missed all the demonstrations and classes. they are all done during the week - so next year it's a full-fledged fiber vacation! next year, i'll have more knowledge about the art of spinning and dyeing and such and know better which classes to take anyhow. i'm on the mailing list now, so will have plenty of notice.

on to other things:
well, i need to spin some white for a friend over a crochetville.... i'm behind. i did some spinning of the peacock last night because all of my spindles are occupied, i'm trying to fill one so that i can get the white done for her.

what else??? i almost have the brown circle jacket finished... i ran out of the hot pink fun fur that is the edging. so as soon as i get that on, it's done. well, still have to weave in the ends - ick. the poncho has been started. i still have a bit to go on it. i'm getting there with my daughters circle jacket as well. her's is really turning out great. i'll get pictures up soon. hmmmmmm guess that is about it for now.

oh, and now, more stuff i have to learn - yarn tomato's site blogliness and something else.

oh yeah... i need to get up all the pictures for the dyeing experiment. a little later. i need to go work with my two little ones. we're doing letter H and number 7 today :)

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Donna said...

Don't worry, Rebecca! You are already set up with your site feed for Bloglines. :D


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