Wednesday, October 06, 2004

and now, tuesday

i have so much to update on this thing. i'm way behind in adding to friends blogs. also, i need to start completely over on my yarn reduction - which i'm doing horribly at. also, i've finally gotten a scale for the whole weightloss thing... no, i'm not going to let you in on how much i actually weigh - just the ups and downs of the scale...i've got to give this real effort. gee, where have i heard that before *sigh* hmmm, also started the cardigan for my mom.... supposed to be a birthday gift - dec 22 - just might be Christmas if i don't get something else done for her as well. my dad is turning 50 next month... not sure what i should get him for his birthday. he shares birthday with my darling husband, who will be 30 this year. every 5 years it falls on Thanksgiving day - this is the 5th year. not sure what we are planning. did a great surprise party for my mother's 50th last year... don't think we will do that for hubby and dad. couldn't exactly make Thanksgiving dinner a surprise :-P

okay, back to other things.. this blog - why do my bumper stickers have white on the bottom?
and how in the world do i add a second page?
i would really like to get a gallery up and i am supposed to host one of the cals...

i will be taking pictures of the finished poncho and circle coat this afternoon when they are given to their new owners :)

wow, i'm kinda all over the place today. thinking about projects,,, i sure need to get busy on Christmas! yikes - it's quickly approaching. also, my sisters' birthdays have passed and i still don't know what to make them? i think i just may ask them.
okay, gonna get for now, sesame street is over. my little guys have to get their beds made and the day must begin - no matter how crappy i feel -- ick, this damn bug!


withahook said...

No white on your bumper stickers on my browser... Just so you'll know. :o) Hope you feel better soon!

Donna said...

Hey, Rebecca! :-) About the white under your bumper stickers... I'm using IE and I see it. You have the img src code on one line and the /td on the next line. Move the closing td tag up to be on the same line as the img src code (with no space in between). The browser is treating that carriage return as a space and thus making the white space.

About a second page on your blog... you can and you can't. Blogspot Plus used to have that option, but it's not available now that they've discontinued Plus. However, you have two other options.

1. Because you have your own domain, you can publish anything to it you want. All you need to do is create your pages and upload them to your web space. Your web host should have info on that (like stuff about ftp). As always, let me know if I can help. :-)

2. Or this: Every post you make at Blogger has it's own URL. That means you can use it sort of like a regular web page ~ you can link to it, update it, whatever. Does that make sense?


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