Tuesday, September 21, 2004

blasted mail

i'm so frustrated that chelle has not received the squares i sent her.... guess i will start them again after i hear from her on sunday/monday. grrrr
i'm also stuck on the circle coat pattern... it's me. just a duh moment. i need to step away from it and come back.
i'm also on the search for a lightweight jacket pattern for my mom's birthday.
can't really remember what i did yesterday... i finished the head kerchief thingy. i'm going to take a pic with my phone i guess... i sure am bummed about the crapped out camera. trying to talk hubby into buying me a new one with a printer and all.....cross your fingers for me.
i've set my spinning aside for a while. i MUST get my ass in gear for Christmas! now that i have discovered filet, i'm thinking about a blanket for my mom. although, i want to get the navy throw out of the way that is for my eternally ungrateful sis-in-law. maybe it's not eternal... last year, she actually hung up the floral thingy i made her *faint*. guess because she couldnt' return it mwaahaahaa ha. i also have the rainbow fluff going for one sis and the red for another. man, doh- and the 63cal for my niece.
for a chic who has so much to do - not including the massive amounts of laundry and dishes 6 people can produce, i've sure been sitting here for a while. off i go

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Kari said...

Watch out; filet is fasicantingly addictive.


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