Wednesday, September 29, 2004


hmmm, looking at pictures... stuff i haven't posted about yet (here at least)
this is a purse i made using basic tunisian stitch with RH grande in brown. i really love it! the handles come off, for one day when i can make more in different colors :)

here is another purse i made not too long ago, it is done with landscapes... i've forgotten where the pattern came from... maybe there wasn't one *shrug*

this is the yarn and handles i used - and a double ended hook i got on clearance for a buck!

here is the finished product after fulling:

and no, i did not think to take a 'before' picture. okay, well that is all i can think of right now. i need to get busy. i didn't do the dishes after dinner last night *gasp!* the cardinal sin in my mother's book.

hmmmm, what is that "cardinal sin"? catholic? hmmmmm, something to research.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

yeah its catholic.. LOL... so you dont have to research unless you really really wanna !!!

withahook said...

WOW I love the Landscapes purse! Is that just two skeins? Because I'm buying some RIGHT NOW!! I love it!!

Tiffany said...

I love your purses, Rebecca! You are a purse making queen! :)

Donna said...

I adore both of your purses, Rebecca! But, oh, how I do love brown! That one's my fave!


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