Wednesday, September 22, 2004

pvc paradise

yippee (oh man! i can't get the smiley central to work in my posts-bummer)
anyhow, i am a happy happy girl :) that wonderful fantastic amazing (and shall i add gorgeous) husband of mine made me some prizes! woo hoo

what is that? you say? (ignore the ketchup splatter on the wall-ugh!)
why, it's a holder for my massive cone yarns!!

no more wildly twisted yarn - it unrolls as i crochet!! is he a genius or what!?!
and then, but what else could he possibly do to make me any happier? ---

it's a niddy noddy!! YAY YAY YAY ---- for you non-spinners, basiclly it's a thingy to wrap my freshly spun yarn around to make it into a skein.
oh, but this is no ordinary niddy noddy - do you see the bumpy thing? makes it oh so comfortable to hold - the best part of it all? it's completely waterproof. well, what in the world difference does that make? after the yarn is spun you have to give it a hot bath to "set the twist" (keep it from untwisting)- i can just toss the whole thing in!! woohoo woohoo woohoo.
niddy noddys are typically wood and cost around $15-20, hubby made this for just under $3 :) that's how the rich get richer, my friends... anyhow. okay, so i guess that is all for now since the day has just begun...
oh, spinning news - i know i was supposed to put it down for a bit to work on Christmas, but how could i resist making a new skein for my toy?
as far as crocheting goes... last night i did some of the dreaded 'end sewing' did a lot of sewing in yarn ends on multiple projects... joy joy
i also carded a few rolags of the cheviot while sitting in the backyard with the kiddos. it's easy to do while also "watch this, mom" "did you see me do that" "check out my new trick" "see how fast i can run".
enjoy your day, i'm off to take care of some laundry... the boys are playing awfully well this morning... my sanity saved - one more day


ThreeOliveMartini said...

Nice yarn holder.. i made myself one .. yours looks lighter and more portable ... and love that nidy noddy .. i might have to do one for me for pulling skeins off my cones!!

Kari said...

We all have such wonderful hubby's who support our habit LOL
Nice Prizes!

withahook said...

Yay! Look at your goodies, and what pretty yarn you made, too!


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