Tuesday, September 21, 2004

when the cat is away

the mice will play... but that's okay, 'cuz the toy came my way!

he he he!! hubby went to best buy ALONE this evening.... came home with a new camera for me!!! YAY
i'm all kinds of excited. he also got the extra memory stick for it. it is way way better than the other one-which is still under warranty by the way, just waiting for it to get fixed.

now, don't think i was the only recipient of this adventure: he bought a new toy for himself as well. which will equally benefit me :) he also got the freakin' serious surge protector, the new star wars trilogy dvd set- ick that means i'm going to have to sit through them again, sorry, but i'm not a star wars fan. well, i'll sit next to him and hook a bit.

so anyhow, i went camera happy tonight and will be posting all my pictures over the next few days... i won't bombard you all at once.

ugh, my two little guys are making me nuts! my older two never behaved this badly... these boys just won't mind. the poor little puppy, they are gonna kill that sweet thing. constantly picking her up and lugging her around. i have to first point out that i'm not a spanker (unless they are in a dangerous activity - and i use it for getting total attention). well, i have concluded that little miss rosie is in a dangerous situation with these boys and i have been tagging hineys for picking her up. they dont' care, i mean they do... but then they pick her right back up! i don't want to continue in the booty beatings for this behavior, because obviously, it's not working. and it's not just rosie- it's like they totally don't hear my voice. *breathing in and out* i know it's their age. but it's hard when you've had 2 before them that didn't go through this.
also, i watched the nick berg video for the first time tonight. i truly thought i was going to be sick. not necessarily at the graphic nature of the video, but more of the thoughts i had afterward about the murderers that did that to him. and their complete disrespect for life. i find it truly odd that the actual footage didn't really affect me - wow, what television has done to us. it's when you stop and think that this was real and not tv... that's when it gets you.
leaving you with your thoughts of the state of the world today.

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