Monday, September 13, 2004

eau de ewe

today is another washing day. yummy. i still have about 5 pounds of cotswald that is in process of it's 'handwashing'. and have just begun the washing of 6 pounds of 'unknown breed'.mmmmmmmmmmmm the aroma. X|
the good news is that all 5 pounds of the cheviot have been washed completely and are in process of being carded. which i have found is very gratifying.... but also takes quite a bit of time. after i get a bit more done, i'll consider dyeing it.

i also started the peacock rovings. i'm trying to spin it thinner and try my hand at plying - yikes!

i need to find some emoticons i can insert in this blog thing --- hmmm.

oh, i'm working on the comment thing, i don't know why the option is not there. but am trying to get it up (and yes, i know they whole thing is crooked - working on it too).

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