Tuesday, September 14, 2004

combing through!

oh man, my joy of being almost finished with the machine washes of the wools came to an abrupt halt today. i move my box of "unknown" and under it was at least 2 more pounds of the oh so fragrant raw cotswald! ugh! back to the machine *sigh*.
i'm still combing through the several pounds of cotswald that has been cleaned. the long staple of this makes it tough to card, so i bought a cat comb at walmart and am doing it lock by lovely lock.

the peacock is still on the spindle... first single.

as for crochet: i worked on the red blanket last night during a movie. hubby calls me over to the couch - away from trying to get this site set up - "hey hon, this movie is just now starting, come watch it with me". being the dutiful little wife (snicker) i quickly gather up something to work on that doesn't require much attention.... go sit next to my lover and then after just 10 minutes find out this movie is scary! i'm not good with scary movies! curse him!! didn't tell me and thought it was quite funny. it did end up being a little more 'suspense' than scare. it was called "the ring". it was really creepy. one of those that makes your tummy all nervous. anyhow, i made it through and spent most of the time with the blanket covering my face and not in my lap getting worked on. ONE lousy row is all i completed!

tears from the boys' room. maybe more later. i have LOTS of stuff i need to post about :) woo hoo

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